In Botswana’s southwestern corner you’ll find the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, a huge cross-border wildlife reserve that combines land in both South Africa and Botswana. Covering a total area of over 37,000km2, this magnificent park is famous for its vast Kalahari grasslands, seasonal pans and low, red-ochre dunes. There are four entrance gates into the park, including an international border post at the South African Two Rivers Gate (Twee Rivieren Hek) and a border crossing between South Africa and Namibia at Mata Mata. On the Botswana side, there’s Kaa Gate in the north and Mabuasehube Gate in the east. A lion and his cubs A lion and his cubs

Highlights Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park to Botswana

The Botswanan side of the park is known for excellent sightings of Kalahari black-maned lions. They’re especially active around Kaa Gate in winter, where there’s a permanent water hole, and in the Mabuasehube region in summer, when the seasonal pans attract game into the area. March to May are the best months to visit, when temperatures are at their mildest (roughly 10°C to 30°C) and large herds of springbok, oryx and eland can be seen around the pans. The late summer storms are particularly spectacular, as lightening cracks through the thunderclouds above the red Kalahari plains.

Practical advice for travelling from Kgalagadi to Botswana

All visitors wishing to cross the Kgalagadi into Botswana or South Africa must go through the international border post at Two Rivers Gate. And you may not transit through the park without spending at least two nights somewhere inside. If you’re arriving from Namibia, you can cross into the park at Mata Mata, but you’ll then need to go through the Two Rivers border post before continuing into South Africa or Botswana. The quickest route from South Africa to the northern Botswanan section is to enter Botswana at Bokspits, Middelputs or McCarthy’s Rest and drive north via Tshabong to Mabuasehube. Border fees are about P150/R200 per vehicle for road taxes and insurance. If you would like to inquire about our 4x4 hire Botswana options, one of our consultants will readily assist with any questions you may have.