With a population of just over 230,000, Gaborone is Botswana’s capital and largest city. At its centre – known locally as ‘The Mall’ – tall, glass-faced commercial buildings glitter in the sun while below one of the fastest growing capitals on the continent stretches out in every direction. There’s significant sunshine here, with average temperatures reaching upwards of 26°C for almost two thirds of the year. Winters are mild and dry, but nights may drop below freezing in June and July. Afternoon thunderstorms are most common during the height of summer but may occur from October to April.


You’ll have to brave the traffic (otherwise unknown in Botswana) to experience most of Gaborone’s inner-city offerings. The National Museum and Art Gallery is home to works by local artists and the Three Dikgosi Monument depicts a trio of the nation’s most famous tribal leaders in bronze. There’s a National Botanical Garden and the Gaborone Game Reserve within city limits, but for the best views visitors tend to head a little way out of town and up Kgale Hill, which overlooks the vibrant metropolis.

Practical advice

As Botswana’s commercial and economic hub, you’ll find everything you need here, including vehicle dealers for any serious issues. If you’re not sightseeing, avoid the city centre if possible, especially during rush hour – road works and detours can cause significant delays. Fuel stations and large grocery stores are aplenty and you’ll easily find one on the outskirts. ‘Gabs’ (as its affectionately known) is a safe and friendly city but as with any large capital, keep an eye on your belongings and beware of opportunists.

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