One of the many wonderful things about Botswana is that it’s always a pleasure to revisit familiar places. It’s true that one or two much-loved camps have expanded in recent years and – some will argue – have lost a bit of their original charm. But many more have remained unchanged for decades and regular visitors usually have their favourite regions and camps that they return to time and again.

Sunset in Botswana

Many of the best bush campsites are small and meant for single groups, deliberately set apart from each other to heighten the sense of wild isolation. A self-drive Botswana safari can, at its best, feel like a time warp, a journey back to a more primitive age of campfires, boundless stars and the slightly edgy feeling that you’re not quite at the top of the food chain. With no fences, and lions about, precautions do need to be taken, but there’s very rarely any real danger providing you stay close to your vehicle and don’t stray from your campfire after dark.

This might all sound a little too edgy for some, but if wild camping is not your thing, there are still plenty of larger group campsites and lodges to choose from. What sets Botswana apart is not just its wild, unfenced campsites, immense game parks and magnificent salt pans and deltas, but a combination of everything together – all in a well-managed, friendly country that’s perfectly geared to self-drive visitors.

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