Travel and medical insurance is always a sensible precaution, especially when visiting a wild and remote country such as Botswana. Full, comprehensive, primary medical cover is highly recommended. And it’s best to get the maximum cover available as emergency evacuations and medical procedures can be very expensive. Make sure your policy includes all the ‘adventure activities’ you’re planning to do, specifically: driving off-road vehicles, canoeing and boat trips, and up-close wildlife encounters. Familiarise yourself with how your policy handles payment and reimbursement, and what documentation you need to process a claim.

It’s also advisable to get full vehicle insurance and to know exactly how your policy is worded with regards to breakdowns and breakages. In particular, check the clauses on support and recovery situations, especially those that could be judged as your fault. It can be very expensive to extract a broken vehicle from the middle of the delta.

General travel insurance should cover cancellations, theft, loss and damage to sensitive equipment. Very expensive, specialist gear such as cameras and lenses may need to be covered separately.