Lekhubu, or simply ‘Kubu’ Island is one of Botswana’s most well-known attractions. Located on the western edge of the vast Sua saltpan, this remarkable, baobab-studded outcrop is a wonderful addition to any self-drive itinerary. More peninsula than island, it commands breath-taking views across Sua Pan, with low scrubland to the west and nothing but the endless horizon to the north, east and south. There’s a small, very basic campsite run by the Gaing O Community Trust and in winter, when the pans are dry, it makes an excellent overnight stop for journeys across the Makgadikgadi Pans.

Kubu Island

Image: Exploring Africa


Lekhubu Island itself is the only feature for miles, a pincushion of baobabs against the boundless expanse of Sua Pan. Sunrise and sunset are particularly magical when the soft light frames the trees in delicate purples and pinks. Driving onto the pan is prohibited, but the island and surrounds can be explored on foot. One of the most memorable experiences you can have in Botswana is walking out onto the dry pan before dawn and watching the sunrise as it ever-so-gradually lights up the trees.

Practical advice

From May to November the pans are usually dry and Lekhubu Island is accessible via 4x4 tracks to the north and south. During the wet summer months, the southern route can flood completely, turning the track to sticky mud, which is very often impassable. The northern route from Mabole is generally drier, but steer clear of the pan’s edges if there’s even a little water about. There’s absolutely nothing to do at Lekhubu except relax and take in the stunning scenery. Most people stay for one or two nights before moving on.

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