In the center of Chobe National Park lies Savuti Camp, a wild, sandy campsite on the banks of the mysterious Savuti Channel. The channel’s flow is hard to predict, and it’s been known to dry up for decades then suddenly begin flowing again. In wet years, the water pours in from the Zibadianja Lagoon in the west, flooding the Savuti Swamp and creating a game-viewing paradise. Northwest of Savuti, along a bumpy, sandy track, Linyanti Camp is another excellent self-drive destination. Linyanti Camp, and Ihaha Camp further north, both lie on the southern banks of the Chobe Linyanti River System where there’s excellent game viewing during the dry winter months. The route ends in Kasane, which has campsites, lodges and shops, and the first fuel since leaving Maun.


The Savuti region is known for some of the best game viewings in Southern Africa, but conditions vary depending on the amount of water available. When the channel and the marsh are full, they attract huge herds of buffalo and zebra and an almost unbelievable variety of plains game both large and small. Lion and wild dog are the most commonly seen predators, but hyena, leopard, and cheetah can also be spotted, and the wildlife photography opportunities are exceptional. Further north, elephant and buffalo congregate in great numbers along the Linyanti and Chobe Rivers, especially in winter when there is less surface water inland. One of Botswana’s great highlights is a sunset boat safari along the Chobe River and cruises can be booked on arrival in Kasane.

Practical advice

The tracks around Savuti, and north towards Kasane, are all very sandy and definitely 4x4 only. As well as sand, the Savuti Marsh area can get very muddy, especially in summer when the tracks closest to the marsh may be impassable in places. If so, stick to the western routes along the Magwikhwe SandRidge and from there it’s more-or-less unbroken deep sand all the way north to the Chobe River. Note that there’s no fuel between Kasane and Maun so you’ll need to have adequate reserves for the entire journey. 4x4s are also much less economical in the sand and your fuel consumption can easily be 50% more than on paved roads. Distances are not great, but the going can be slow. Each successive camp can be comfortably reached within a day’s drive.

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