Space is limited in Botswana’s parks and reserves and during the busy winter season it’s essential to book in advance. June to October are particularly popular in Moremi and Chobe and while the Kgalagadi, Makgadikgadi Pans and Central Kalahari tend to be quieter, it’s best to secure your itinerary before you arrive rather than take a chance on last minute cancellations.

Booking campsites can be a bit complicated in Botswana, with multiple separate companies operating different camps, often in the same park. Moremi, for example, has four public campsites. Xomae Group operates Third Bridge, while SKL runs Khwai North Gate. And if you want to stay at South Gate or Xakanaxa, you’ll have to book through Kwalate Safaris.

Okavango Delta

Besides these and other private operators, some camps are managed separately by the Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP), who also deal with park entry and conservation fees. The best method is to approach all the relevant camp operators together and get a selection of available dates for the camps you want to visit. Once you can see what’s available and when you can then piece together your ideal route and make the appropriate bookings.

After your campsites are booked you’ll need to pay park entrance fees to the DWNP. This can be done in advance or at the gates, but if in advance, make sure you give them enough time to process and send you the vouchers. You might be able to pay with a credit card at the gates, but card facilities sometimes don’t work so it’s safer to carry cash. The DWNP central reservations office is pretty well organized and a quick phone call will often resolve any issues.

Exploring Botswana is an African Safari dream.