Botswana can get hot at any time of the year so make sure you pack summer clothing, a broad-brimmed hat, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen. Long sleeves and loose trousers will protect against both the sun and mosquitos, which can be a nuisance in the north, especially in summer. Pack clothing that can stand a bit of dirt and dust, and take a swimming costume, just in case – you never know when you’ll come across a pool.

Winter nights in the centre and south regularly drop below freezing so make sure you have warm clothing from April to September. The summer rains can be torrential, but they’re usually short lived and temperatures stay warm – a light rain jacket can be useful, but is not essential. Take comfortable shoes for the evenings, but you’ll probably prefer sandals or flip-flops during the day.

Pack a head torch, a more powerful torch, and any personal items you’d usually take camping. Most 4x4 campers will be fairly well-equipped, but a few extra Tupperware containers are always useful for storing food. A sharp penknife or Leatherman will also come in handy.

Botswana uses a mix of plug types: South Africa’s round three-pin, Britain’s square three-pin, and the EU-standard two-pin. You’ll find power points at the campsites in cities and towns, but none inside the national parks. If your 4x4 comes with an inverter and plug points, make sure you have the correct adaptors. Either way it’s best to travel with spare batteries for your camera and don’t forget the extra memory cards and your telephoto lens.