Africa 4x4 Hire

Africa has long been the world’s 4×4 Mecca. A continent packed with adventure and wildlife offering everyone a chance to put himself or herself behind the wheel of an African 4×4 hire car to challenge the great outdoors and nature's obstacle course. Drive South Africa has the experience to make this dream a reality. From 4wd wildlife safaris to cross-country adventure, Africa 4×4 rental is your ticket to exponential freedom.

Putting adventurers at the helm of an Africa 4×4 hire since 2002, Drive South Africa’s blend of hands on 4 x 4 experience, industry acumen and trained service consultants help you make the perfect choice when selecting an African 4wd hire car.

Experience Africa with 4×4 Rental

Drive South Africa caters for both foreign and local clients. As a company with a specialised 4×4 rental department we stock and equip vehicles for self-drive wildlife safaris, 4×4 off road adventures and overland travel throughout Southern and East Africa.

By renting a 4×4 in Africa you have the opportunity to experience the rugged side of Africa from a vehicle equipped and designed to handle the topography of Africa. Whether you tackle the Garden Route, the Wild Coast, the bushveld or game reserves of Africa, Drive South Africa has a 4wd vehicle to make that journey exhilarating.

Access Southern Africa and East Africa by 4×4 Hire

Drive South Africa has several affiliates through which we source and book your 4×4 car rental. These are trusted and established partners, offering a wide range of 4wd vehicles, and an extensive network of pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as a delivery and one-way 4×4 hire service, making the planning of your African 4×4 trail convenient and hassle free. Please consult our dedicated African 4×4 rental car detail and description page for comprehensive review of the 4-wheel-drive vehicles we supply.

Drive South Africa has three main hubs for Southern Africa 4×4:

By arrangement, Drive South Africa permits 4×4 rental cars to be driven to all Southern Africa and East Africa countries, crossing into some countries may require additional documentation. (E.g. Kenya and Tanzania). Navigating Southern and East Africa by 4wd rental vehicles is a popular and authentic means of exploring this continent teeming with adventure, wildlife and culture.

Fully Equipped 4×4 Hire

To further streamline your Africa 4×4 hire, Drive South Africa offers fully equipped 4wd rental, providing an equipment inventory designed to meet all your basic requirements and provide the necessary accessories for off road safaris, camping trips and 4 x 4 excursions.

Please see our Camping and Safari Equipment page for full details of what is included in the fully equipped Africa 4×4 rental package.

4wd Insurance

Our South Africa 4×4 rental cars offer several insurance options:

  • Standard Cover Insurance
  • Medium cover Insurance
  • Super Cover Insurance (Zero Excess Insurance)

These options extend to cover fully equipped 4wd hire when applicable.

Online 4×4 Hire by Drive South Africa

Drive South Africa's online 4×4 car hire booking service allows you to easily compare 4×4 rental prices or obtain rental quotes on our vehicles, helping you get the best value and cheap 4×4 rental prices. The service is easy to use and requires no obligation.

We look forward to placing you in the driving seat of your reliable, cost effective Africa 4×4 hire car.