African Bird Photos: Early bird catches the… Shot!

Being a nature enthusiast, I always look for natural gems in and around the city.  IntakaIsland is a 16 hectare wetland area within the Century City development, less than a 10km drive from Cape Town’s CBD.

With 7 habitats and about 120 bird species, this place is heaven to any serious birdwatcher! Strategically placed hides give you the opportunity to view and photograph the birdlife (with your coffee flask and rusks within close proximity) without disturbing birds or fellow birders.

I always try to get there just after sunrise on sunny days with no wind. This gives me just over 2 hours of beautiful light with ample feeding and grooming activity! Be sure to pack your longest lens with a sandbag or tripod for stability to ensure you get to snap great African bird photos.

Just after 8am most birds will take flight into the blue sky, which gives you the rest of the Saturday/Sunday to take the lady shopping, with loads of great shots on your memory card of African bird photos.

Here are a few shots from my last visit to the sanctuary:

Malachite Kingfisher

Above: Birds from Africa – Malachite Kingfisher

Southern Masked Weaver

Above: Birds from Africa – Southern Masked Weaver

Red Bishop

Above: Birds from Africa – Red Bishop

Little Brown Job

Above: Birds from Africa – 'Little Brown Job'

If anyone can help with naming the ‘little brown job’ in the last picture, feel free to do so.