Baz Bus Road Trip part 4

Wednesday 9 Feb: Jeffery’s Bay

Second day at the Island Vibe in Jeffrey’s Bay and the weather was still grey and yet again no waves. We couldn’t go surfing again, and this was really sad, as Jeffrey’s Bay is supposed to be the surfing Mecca of South Africa. Instead we just relaxed at the backpackers, reading, taking a walk along the beach, looking for seashells and watching other people play in the ocean. In the evening we ate at the backpackers again, and after dinner we had a little nap before going to the party at the Island Vibe. We had a few drinks and chatted with the other guests, before heading to bed.

Thursday 10 Feb: Plettenberg Bay

We got up reasonable early to get some breakfast before the Baz Bus would come to pick us up for our next destination, Plettenberg Bay. We arrived at the Nothando Backpackers in Plettenberg Bay around noon, where we were welcomed by the manager and after we checked in, she showed us to our dorm. Here we took a nice refreshing shower, a quick nap, before heading into town to get some food. We went out to the Lookout Deck, a nice place to eat at the beach. After dinner, we went back to the backpackers, where we went to bed early.

Baz Bus tours_Birds of Eden

Friday 11 Feb: Birds of Eden and Monkeyland

We got up early, as we wanted to go and visit the Birds of Eden and Monkeyland. We had breakfast at the backpackers, and we got the shuttle bus towards the Crags, where these two parks were. First we went to the Birds of Eden, where we bought our ticket and were let in to the recreational jungle. You could walk over wooden bridges and see the birds from real close. A few examples of these birds we saw were the Scarlet Ibis, Carribean Flamingo, Black Swan, Golden Pheasant, Blue and Crowned Crane. As I am a fan of birds I really liked it, after a quick lunch at the restaurant, we headed towards Monkeyland. Where we bought our ticket and waited for our guide.

While sitting outside several curious monkeys came buy to check us out. When our guide arrived, we entered the Tsitsikamma forest, where the monkeys lived. The guide showed us a couple of apes and monkeys, climbing the trees above us. We saw black lemurs, the Madagascar lemur and several other monkeys. After an exciting day we got a lift back to Plettenberg Bay, where we got a refreshing shower and headed to town to get some supper. We chose to eat seafood, at The Med, where we were the only young people in the restaurant. Before heading back to the Nothando Backpackers, we went to get a drink before calling it a day.

Be sure to stay tuned for the final installment of Anna’s road trip…

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