What is AfrikaBurn?

AfrikaBurn is an annual gathering of thousands of like-minded creatives who come together for seven days to create unique art, burn visually-stunning structures, dress up in quirky costumes and so much more – all in the name of self-reliance and self-expression.

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AfrikaBurn is the South African version of the Burning Man event which started in 2007 and takes place annually in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada in the United States of America.

Built around 11 guiding principles, AfrikaBurn encourages radical self-expression, radical self-reliance, radical inclusion and making sure that you leave no trace behind – just to name a few.

There’s no room for spectators at AfrikaBurn – you are the party. Dress up, contribute in every way you can and have a good time with some of the friendliest people you’ll most likely ever meet.

Image by Jolene Bertoldi.

Where is AfrikaBurn held?

Its held on a private farm called Stonehenge neighbouring the Tankwa Karoo National Park based in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

When is AfrikaBurn held?

The 2020 version of AfrikaBurn will start on Monday, 27 April 2020 and will run until Sunday, 3 May 2020.

What type of vehicle should I book for AfrikaBurn?

Choosing a vehicle for AfrikaBurn can be a tricky task. You’ll want comfort, a place to rest, somewhere to freshen up and also a place to store your food.

Remember, you’ll have to look after yourself in every possible way – from accommodation to food and water. There are public toilets available, but no showers. It’s all about self-reliance. Hiring one of these babies will help to cover your bases.

Here are your three best options.

4ST 4 Berth Mercedes Camper (I like to party, but I also want to be comfortable)

The 4ST 4 Berth Mercedes Camper is probably your best option in terms of comfortability. It can take 4 adult passengers and starts at R792 per day.

Make sure you book fast though, campers for AfrikaBurn sell-out in an instant.

What makes this vehicle ideal for AfrikaBurn?

  • There are two beds. No sleeping on the hard desert floor.
  • You’ll have your own flush toilet and a shower with hot water.
  • It’s air-conditioned.
  • It comes with an 85L fresh water tank.
  • A fridge and freezer to keep your food fresh.

Click here for a full list of detailed specifications.

Toyota Hilux Double Cab Camping Equipped 4X4 (I like to party, look rugged, but still be pretty comfortable)

This powerful and reliable 4×4 offers excellent fuel consumption and good off-road performance. It can take up to 4 adult passengers and prices start at R1320 per day.

What makes this vehicle ideal for AfrikaBurn?

  • 60L freshwater tank
  • Full kitchen
  • 40L fridge/freezer
  • Bedding: sleeping bag, mattress and pillows
  • Camp shower

And much more.

Nissan Single Cab Camping Equipped 4×4 (I like to party, showering is optional and those biodegradable toilets aren’t so bad)

The Nissan Single Cab Camping Equipped 4×4 is perfect for couples and prices start from R1237 per day. It doesn’t come with a shower or toilet though, so you’ll either have to rent a portable shower and porta-loo.

  • What makes this vehicle ideal for AfrikaBurn?
  • The tyres can withstand the rough desert terrain. It also comes with a spare tyre.
  • It has a fridge/freezer with a 40L capacity.
  • It comes with a 55 L freshwater tank.
  • Its equipped with all living, kitchen & sleeping equipment.

If you want to know more, click here for more detailed specs. If you want to see more options, have a look at our Campers and 4×4’s.

When should I book a vehicle?

Book your vehicles now! Due to the large number of participants AfrikaBurn attracts each year, cars get booked well before the event. Feel free to give us a call now to speak to our friendly consultants.

Image by Jolene Bertoldi.

What must I bring to AfrikaBurn?

The basic necessities:

  1. Water. Lots of it. At least five litres per person, per day. Carry a bottle of water with you at all times as well and make sure you stay hydrated.
  2. Food and drinks. If you’re under the impression that you’ll be able to buy a burger there, you’re mistaken. Nothing, besides ice, will be on sale. Good foods to take with are biltong, nuts, dried fruit. They will last in the heat and won’t make too much of a mess.
  3. Shelter. Somewhere to sleep with bedding. Make sure that your shelter is windproof as well, the weather tends to get blustery.
  4. A first aid kit. You could bang your toe on a rock or fall out of bed. Seriously though, its one of the most important items to add to your list.
  5. Lighting. Camping lights, torches, headlamps. Don’t forget to pack in extra batteries as well.
  6. Plastic bags to throw all your trash in. You’re taking all your rubbish with you, make sure you have somewhere to store it.
  7. A fire extinguisher. Make sure that everyone else knows where it is as well.
  8. Toilet paper. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a dessert without ‘white gold’.

Recommended items:

  1. Shade (an umbrella or hat will do), sunscreen, lip balm as well as a cool pair of sunglasses.
  2. A bicycle to help you move around. Make sure you decorate it though and even add some lights to it for evening riding. Cars aren’t allowed to be driven around. They stay parked.
  3. A portable shower if you’re keen to freshen up properly every day. Our luxury campers below are ideal.
  4. A portable ashtray if you’re a smoker. You’re not allowed to throw your cigarette butts on the floor.
  5. Spare car keys. Just in case.
  6. Costumes, musical instruments and anything fun that can add to the AfrikaBurn experience.
  7. A camera. To snap all those memorable moments!

What can’t I bring to AfrikaBurn?

  1. Plants and flora of any kind. If it doesn’t belong in the Tankwa Karoo National Park, leave it where it is.
  2. Feathers, styrofoam and anything else that can blow away and that’s difficult to collect.
  3. Too much packaging, it will just make things heavier for you. Just bring the contents instead.
  4. No explosives or firearms. This includes BB guns and pellet guns.
  5. No pets.

Image by Jolene Bertoldi.

Where will I stay?

Tankwa Town does have designated camping areas, but they’re on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis. If you want a good spot, make sure you nail your tent down as soon as you can. For more information about the camping area, read the survival guide. If you need a guarantee that you’ll have somewhere to sleep, then it may be best to rent out a camper. We have a good selection to choose from to suit your needs.

How do I buy a ticket for AfrikaBurn?

Tickets for AfrikaBurn sell out fast and its usually sold via Quicket. To buy a ticket you need to have a Burner Bio. According to the AfrikaBurn site, tickets for 2020 went on sale on the 29th of August and ticket sales close on April 24th 2020. Check out the AfrikaBurn site for more information.

How to get to AfrikaBurn?

Don’t know where the Tankwa Karoo National Park is? See where it is on Google Maps.

GPS coordinates: -32.300086, 19.997313

Visit AfrikaBurn’s Getting There section on their website for more directions.

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