Children have always been told that learning is fun, but most of the time it’s a struggle to convince them of this fact. MapStudio, took this as a challenge, and have wildly succeeded with their range products that now make learning basic geography really enjoyable.

Educational Pack for 9 – 12 year-olds

Above: The Senior Pack unpacked on a MapStudio wall map

MapStudio have come out with an educational pack for children between the ages of 9 – 12. It includes a pack of Africa playing cards which displays relevant information for each of the African countries. What we really like about them is that each card displays the country flag too . A 300-piece puzzle of the world is also included in the pack, as well as an inflatable globe. These products make it a great way to share in an activity with them that promotes learning. Great for exposing them to geography.

The pack also includes a carabiner compass key ring if your child wants to venture out and explore the world… or garden.

Educational Pack for 6 – 8 year-olds

Above: Children playing with the Junior Educational Pack

The pack is marked suitable for children between ages 6-8. Your kids are never too young to be exposed to learning about the world. It includes a fun inflatable globe which can be used as a ball when the children aren’t learning.

There’s also a pack of Africa playing cards and a 63-piece colourful jigsaw puzzle of Africa. Puzzles – always a winner with the little ones.

World Map Poster with Stickers

Above: World Map with 3 sheets of stickers

This map makes getting to know the world really fun and easy. It’s not your average wall map; it comes with three sheets of stickers. The stickers are of flags from around the world, landmarks and animals. Your children will have a blast getting to know the world while playing around with these fun stickers.

The map is bright and colourful which easily displays country names, ocean names, main rivers, mountains, the equator and tropics. Kids love stickers. It’s a great interactive way of learning for child.

Glow in the Dark World Map

Above: Glow in the Dark World Map in the day and night

Hold the phone, we’ve struck gold. What child isn’t a fan of anything glow in the dark? It just shows that learning doesn’t have to end when the lights go out. When it’s dark, the map glows, allowing you to teach your children about the world at night – the ultimate bedtime story.

The map marks major towns, cities, major rivers, highest peaks for every country as well as major roads and routes. Brilliant.

These maps and packs are excellent. They make learning simple geography enjoyable and easy. What more can parents ask for, besides for affordable car hire? MapStudio have indeed made it possible for children to learn about the world more fun than ever before – you might even learn a thing or two yourself.

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Who is MapStudio?

For over 50 years MapStudio has held its position as the leading publisher and distributor of maps in Africa. The company provides an informative range of road maps, street guides, atlases, coffee-table/illustrated atlases, tourist maps, educational products, adventure guides and wall maps. MapStudio is also the proud publisher and distributor of the Globetrotter Travel Guide series which brings you more than 100 international destination titles.