Long car journeys with the family are anything but fun and games. As you can only play I Spy with the little guys at the back for so long, you need new and fun ways to entertain each other. To keep cars grumble-free, we found 5 fun-filled activities that would make the endless road seem like a trip to the local pub.

1.    Throwing fists (not fits!)

This traditional Chinese game can be played by 2 players or a large group. It’s fun and it develops quick thinking and logic skills. On the count of 3, everyone throw their fist out in front of them with anything from 0 fingers to 5 fingers extended. At the same time, one person (take it in turns) calls out a number. If the fingers extended add up to that number, that person wins. If 2 children are playing, the numbers can be between 0 and 10; if 3 children are playing, between 0 and 15, and so on.

2. Books and magazines

It might not be a game as such, but books are a great way to keep your mind busy. If you’re susceptible to car-sickness during long car rides, choose a book on tape the whole family can enjoy.


Create a mixed CD or playlist of songs your family likes to sing. According to psychologists, singing loudly along to your favorite tune releases negative energy. Make sure you play music that won’t make the rest of the family want to jump out of the window.

4. Rest stop races

Look for a grassy stretch of land at the rest stop, and hold running races from one end to the other. This will release pent-up energy and keep the kids from wanting to strangle each other.

5.    I went on holiday

The first player thinks of a city, country or continent beginning with the letter “a” and then says, for example: “I went on holiday in Africa”. The next player repeats the sentence and adds somewhere beginning with “b”, for example: “I went on holiday in Africa and Bolivia”. The next player adds somewhere beginning with “c”: “I went on holiday in Africa, Bolivia and Church Crookham”. Play continues until someone can’t remember the list or makes a mistake. Keep going until all players but one are disqualified, or until you reach the end of the alphabet. Make it more difficult by adding traveling companions.

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