Costly Collision

Recently, we received notification that one of the cars we hired out to a client sustained R3 000.00 worth of damage after he had a head-on collision with a chicken. Luckily the driver wasn't injured, but the chicken wasn't so lucky. Ouch. ‘Ouch’ for the chicken, and the client’s wallet.

This incident is nothing compared to what was  reported to happen at Monte Carlo’s Place du Casino yesterday.

Monte Carlo Collision

A lady driving a Bentley managed to collide with an Aston Martin, Ferrari, Mercedes, and Porsche, turning an indulgent afternoon at the casino into a demolition derby. Over R7.5 million worth of car was involved in the smash. Not THAT’S ‘ouch’.

By the way, the lady driving the Bentley was blonde. Do with that information what you will.