eLandy Electric Land Rover Launched 2013

The first fully electric Land Rover has been developed and goes by the name of ‘eLandy’ – an exciting time for eco-conscious travellers.

This eco-friendly four-wheel-drive vehicle has been crafted with the intention of being used for safari game drives.

Above: A video of Land Rover’s electric safari game drive vehicle – eLandy

Electric Land Rover eLandy is born

The eLandy Land Rover has come into being thanks to a collaborative effort from Dutch technology firm Emke Engineering, Kafue National Park’s Mukambi Safari Lodge, and Greensafaris (a subsidiary of eVentures).

eLandy – Land Rover’s solar-powered vehicle

Charged using solar-energy, this fully electric Land Rover doesn’t have a noisy diesel engine, giving guests the opportunity to experience quiet, emission free game drives. The eLandy is equipped with full off-road capabilities and reaches a top speed of 43 mph (70 km/h). This nine passenger carrier has a range of 56 miles (90 km) – not bad for an electric 4×4.

The responsible eLandy trend

Ellena van Tonder, Drive South Africa Sales Manager, says “True innovation – creating an eco-friendly vehicle that plays its part in responsible tourism. I hope the trend of using an electric safari vehicle catches on in South African lodges.”

eLandy - the electric Land Rover

Above: Land Rover’s electric eLandy

eLandy Specifications

  • Fully electric Land Rover Defender One Ten to be used as Game Drive vehicle
  • Vehicle is right hand drive and can carry two drivers and maximal nine passengers
  • Complete off-road capabilities
  • Roughly 90% less maintenance than a gas powered car

Electronic Land Rover Technology

  • AC induction water cooled motor
  • Nominal power 50 kW, max. 70k W
  • Nominal torque 200 Nm, max. 300 Nm
  • 35 kWh High density lithium-ion Iron phosphate battery pack
  • 3000 cycles at 80% discharge
  • Battery life of up to 200.000 km
  • Features quick charge option from a solar panel system

Land Rover eLandy’s Performance

  • Maximal speed 80 km/h
  • Average speed 30 km/h
  • Minimal range 90 km
  • Maximal charging time 5 hours
  • Vehicle efficiency 350 Wh/km
  • Regenerative braking

A round of applause please for eLandy the Electric Land Rover with a green conscience.