Five South African 4x4 routes worth exploring in 2017

So 2017 is here and you’re back at the grind, wishing you could be on holiday again, luckily there is a whole year to think about your next trip. Self-drive holidays are always a great way in which to really explore and see everything a country, town or province has to offer. You get to take your time and really immerse yourself in everything that is around you in every form possible. No tour groups, no people besides your loved ones to have to entertainment, just you and the open road and thousands upon thousands of kilometres to explore. South Africa really is a mecca of exploration with fantastic roads to keep you driving until you see all there is to see. So get out there and explore, here are five possible routes to consider to 2017.

Garden Route


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The Garden Route is one of the best self-drive routes in South Africa for so many reasons, it’s easily accessible from either the east or west coast of the country and the fact that it has so many towns and natural areas to explore makes it a win. The roads are also in pristine conditions making this one of the most scenic and pleasant drives in the whole of South Africa.

Ponta do Ouro


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Roughly 460 km North of Durban one will find themselves on the border of Mozambique near the iconic South African coastal town of Cozy Bay (spelling). This isn’t the longest self-drive; however one will traverse through various iconic North Coast of the East Coast towns which always have breathtaking beaches and great accommodation. Once you get to the border you will need to be driven to Ponto Do Ouro (spelling) in a 4×4 if you don’t happen to own one yourself. If you’re travelling from Johannesburg why not just hire a 4×4 to avoid disappointment? 4×4 hire Johannesburg is your best bet of achieving this quickly and efficiently.

Cape Town to Namibia


Take the path less travelled up one of South Africa’s most breathtakingly yet desolately scenic areas Cape Town to Namibia. There really are so many places to stop over; you won’t be able to choose them all unless you plan on taking months off to complete the trip. Some of the highlights include the picturesque winelands of the Cape, The Cederberg Mountains, Namaqualand and the fish river canyon. Once you get into Namibia there are so many places including the skeleton coast, the Namib desert, Etosha National Park, Windhoek and Swakopmund (just to mention a few).

South Coast KZN


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The South Coast of the East Coast of the country is a must for anyone seeking fun, surf, beaches and nature in abundance. There are so many towns to explore and all of them have their own idiocentric charm. If one travels from Durban the largest city in KwaZulu-Natal and travels up the South Coast one will eventually travel through the Eastern Cape of the country and onto other prominent towns and locations eventually reaching the Garden Route and Western Cape.

West Coast, Western Cape


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Another iconic South African route worthy of much exploration and praise is the famed West Coast, which is a gateway to destinations such as Namibia and sought after surf destination Elands Bay. There really are so many wonderfully interesting places to explore in this part of South Africa.