I do Africa - Africa on our new trusty steed

Oh yes, thanks to Big Boy we will now be heading into deep, dark Africa – with all our luggage – at 90km/h and not the planned 80km/h. This does of course mean we will have some extra time on our hands as we will reach our destinations quicker than planned, but I’m quite sure we’ll manage.

So here she (or he) is – our new beauty (which looks just like our old beauty, but note the 150cc):

As sad as we are that our original bike, with his matchstick-speed and revs indicators and our house alarm as a hooter will, not be our trusty steed for this voyage, our new bike comes with 25 cc more horsepower.

So my fiancé will make a couple of alterations, which will include features such as the matchstick-indicators and alarm-hooter, and when he is done, our new iron stallion should look something like this:


We will also build a backpack-rack onto the new bike and do some more technical work such as replacing the tyres and adding a petrol filter. Then we will name our new orange beauty with a ‘Bike Christening Ceremony’.

We are at T minus 5 weeks …  and counting.

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