Mozambique Deforestation

Mozambique president, Armando Guebuza made an important address at a recent rally held in the Zumbo District over the weekend, stressing the utter importance of maintaining the inter-related relationship between the Mozambique indigenous forests and the surrounding agriculture.

For those self-drive enthusiasts, trekking the terrains in your Toyota. Mozambique will still hold its allure, but it is wholly important for all involved within the agricultural and forestry industries to realise the impact made upon the environment; and to act accordingly.

Mozambique President, Armando Guebuza addresses rally spectators
Photo By Mansir Petrie

The fact that many of Mozambique’s towns and villages depend wholly on the rainfall in order to survive and grow their crops, means that the increase in deforestation within Mozambique has began to negatively affect the Mozambique environment as a whole.

Whether one is a local to Mozambique, or a guest, the effects of the deforestation remain the same. With the increase of deforestation, so has the irregularity of rainfall increased accordingly.

Local Mozambique boy collecting wood from cut down trees to sell for food
Photo By Mansir Petrie

If you feel you would like to check out the situation in Mozambique for yourself, follow your hearts desire and get in touch with us; we will be able to help you uncover the Mozambique situation for yourself.

Deforestation in Mozambique
Photo By Philip Powell

Save our trees, save our future.