Namibia by 4x4

There are very few countries in the world with as much desolate yet strangely captivating beauty then Namibia. With so much open space, culture and wildlife going on a camping trip in this region really is a dream for outdoor lovers. For the best experience in Namibia, you need a good car to explore every treasure. Check out car hire Namibia!

With Drive South Africa’s amazing range of 4×4’s and camper vans plus vast experience in the car hire and travel industry you really couldn’t be in better hands. So get out there and experience the entirety of this desert wonderland. Namibia is a great place for camping and driving and hiring a camper van or 4×4 will ensure that you have a certain air of freedom as you wander through this great country.

At Drive South we have a keen knowledge and passion for travel and this has ensured excellent advice on all of the amazing destinations for which we operate from. Here is a video on this special destination which will inspire you to go on the Namibian self-drive experience you have always dreamed of.

Roads which seem to go on forever photo by – Wolkenkratzer (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons