Nine reasons why you should go on a West Coast road trip

South Africa has some of the most scenic routes and roads in which to travel on – in the world. However, the Western Cape’s West Coast is a must for anyone who loves hitting the road.

All you need is a reliable car (if you don’t, car hire South Africa is very affordable), good company and a fully charged camera to capture all the memorable moments. Here are nine reasons why you should go on a West Coast road trip.

Surf the West Coast

Once you leave Cape Town and head west a host of surf spots await including the famous Eland’s Bay, which has been featured in many films and magazines, being dubbed by Wavescape as the J-bay of the west coast.

Langebaan lagoon at the West Coast National Park

Under two hours drive from Cape Town and you’ll find yourself at the West Coast National Park which boasts the breathtaking Langebaan Lagoon.

Hordes of birds make homes of the various protected islands and in certain times of the year, the landscape becomes a mosaic of colorful flowers, which blanket the countryside.

Go wine tasting through the Darling wine route

If the frantic energy of a music festival is a little much for you to handle, you can take a scenic meander through the Darling wine route. Just make sure you draw straws for who is going to be the designated driver.

Take a fishing road trip to Saldanha Bay

Fishing is a way of life on the West Coast and who doesn’t love a good old fishing road trip. Saldanha Bay has the biggest natural bay in the country making it a prime destination for the fishing industry in South Africa.

Visit the West Coast Fossil Park

It is believed that the West Coast is a destination where time seems to stand still and the West Coast Fossil Park takes this idea to another level. Rest your weary traveling bones and see fossils which are said to be over five million years old.

Whale watching, whilst stopping to smell the flowers

If you plan your West Coast road trip adventure correctly you could get the opportunity to see amazing giant ocean creatures in the flesh as well as driving past fields and fields of blooming flowers (that’s if you decide to visit during spring).

Best areas for whale watching on the West Coast are Melkbosstrand, Bok Point, Yzerfontein, and the Rocherpan Nature Reserve near Dwarskersbos, Lambert’s Bay and Saldanha Bay.

Vasco Da Gama statue St Helena Bay

No real road trip is complete without a bit of a history lesson. When iconic Portuguese explorer arrived for the first time in South Africa who washed up on the shores of St Helena Bay, there is a monument there to remember this significant piece of explorer history.

Visit the 16-mile beach at Yzerfontein

Yzerfontein the self-proclaimed ‘jewel of the west coast’ has many wonderful attractions one of them being iconic and highly spoken of the 16-mile beach.

Take a break from your long road trip and sit on the longest stretch of continual beach in South Africa. The beach runs north from Yzerfontein and travels all the way to the West Coast National Park.

Spend a night or two at !Khwa ttu

Get a real cultural experience and learn more about one of the oldest recorded civilizations on the planet. !Khwa ttu (according to their website) “is a centre of San culture and heritage that provides tailor-made training for young San women and men of Southern Africa”.

They offer tours of various cultural areas on the west coast and also have various accommodation facilities available.

If you are interested in going on a 4×4 adventure here, but find yourself in need of a vehicle, you might want to consider 4×4 hire South Africa to find the perfect vehicle for your travel needs.