Road Tripping Namibia [Book Review]

I reviewed MapStudio’s Road Tripping Namibia adventure map book which covers 15 iconic road trips, all perfectly manageable in a normal sedan. Co-authors Fiona McIntosh, Shaen Adey, Willie Olivier, Ron Swilling, Katy Sharpe and Nick Buys, all together have road tripping experience in Namibia, Botswana, Cape Town and Zimbabwe. They did a great job showcasing the highlights of Namibia with great overview maps and stunning photographs in this 184-page paper back cover. 

Road Tripping Namibia adventure map book

15 Top road trip routes in Namibia are listed in the book

With Road Tripping Namibia you can now easily go through diamond towns and see wild horses on the Noordoewer to Luderitz road trip route in Namibia

If you want to experience the back roads and the iconic journeys throughout this beautiful country then Road Tripping Namibia is a must-have for you. Once you’ve decided to finally take on your iconic journey through this truly beautiful country, these are the routes you might want to try: 

  • Namib Route
  • Diamond Towns and Wild Horses
  • Adventure Route, Ai/Ai Richtersveld Transfrontier Park
  • Kalahari Route
  • Windhoek Passes,
  • Floral Route
  • ‘Twitching’ Namibia – A Birder’s Paradise
  • Kavango and Zambezi
  • Cultural Route
  • Kunene and the Four ‘O’s
  • Wildlife Route
  • Rocks and Rock Art
  • Damaraland and the Kaokoveld
  • Skeleton Coast – An Angler’s Paradise

Helpful tips in Road Tripping Namibia

The distance and time you’ll drive from one point to another are listed for each road trip route

What I like most about the book is that for each route you can map your driving distance and driving time, look at the highlights and check the driving conditions. There are also child-friendly ratings, logistics, low-slung vehicle ratings and emergency numbers. All the important information you need to know for hustle-free road tripping in a foreign land.

Navigate Namibia

Let the full colour images inspire you as you embark on your dream Namibian road trip

And if this would be your first visit, some tips have been given on the best times to visit the area on selected road trips. The co-authors all have diverse backgrounds in travelling, some with photo- and freelance journalism experience. They have written this book to inspire you to hop into your car and explore Namibia as you never have before. 

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Get the Road Tripping Namibia book

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