What is the difference between Transfers and Chauffeur Drive?

Drive South Africa’s transfer and chauffeur drive provide distinctly different services in two respects, these are the flexibility of the service and the manner in which they are charged.

Both services provide a licensed driver and a hire car to meet your requirements. Your licensed and trained driver is equipped with detailed local knowledge to ensure you have a seamless journey and is able to assist you with any luggage or baggage you carry in a door-to-door service. Drive South Africa’s transfer and chauffeur service are both backed by Drive South Africa’s commitment to unwavering excellence and customer service, you can relax knowing your driver will provide a punctual and efficient transport service.

Transfer Drive

A transfer drive is a point-to-point journey between a starting point and a destination, without any stops or detours en route. Transfers are often used as an alternative to taxis when commuting between accommodation and airports, as they offer a dedicated airport transfer service at a reasonable price. Although commonly associated with journeying to an airport, transfer services are available as a means of the commute between any two points in a town or city. A transfer service is charged by the journey or distance covered.  Read more about our Drive South Africa Transfer Service.

Chauffeur Drive

A chauffeur drive is a far more flexible service allowing multiple stops and is charged by the hour. By engaging a chauffeur drive you are able to dictate your route, including collection points and destinations for the time you hire the chauffeur service. This form of transport is often favored by business traveler s due to the absolute flexibility it offers. Meetings, conferences or client visits are often subject to indefinite time frames, a chauffeur drive allows you to alter or amend your schedule according to demands as they arise. Read more about Drive South Africa Chauffeur Hire.

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