Wake Up and Go: Why Hiring a Camper Van is Smart Choice.

Hiring a campervan to accommodate your holiday plans is a smart choice, especially if you’re planning on taking a road trip throughout South Africa. We’ve listed five reasons why you should opt for camper hire this holiday.



Hiring a campervan means that you have flexibility when it comes to your travel plans You are able to customize, rearrange and change any part of your trip at any time. There are no check-in times or last minute accommodation hassles. If you’re looking for an immersive travel experience, hiring a camper is ideal in accommodating your travel plans.

Get up and Go

There is no tent to pitch up at night and takedown in the morning. Once you’re all unpacked and settled, you can rest at ease the entire duration of your trip. Your belongings are safe, accessible and conveniently stored. You can get up and go each morning, without having to worry.


It’s Easy and Convenient

This type of holiday suits first-time travelers very well. If you’re looking to break away from tent camping for a while it is ideal too. Your consultant should be able to suggest the best camper option for you, after assessing your preferences or type of holiday you are planning. Book your campervan with campervan South Africa to avoid disappointment.


Modern Conveniences

Most campervans have a comfortable living space, with a bed, a small kitchen and some entertainment options (entirely based on what you choose). It is able to accommodate two adult passengers and two children.  Most campervans are air-conditioned. This ensures that traveling through every season is a comfortable experience. Portable chairs, a refrigerator, and charging outlets are available in most campervans.

It’s Backpacker friendly

Many travelers would rather opt for backpacking experience. This is a great option, which makes room for a one on one connection with each destination you visit. During the day, this is an ideal experience, but rest is rest and every traveler needs a comfortable place to rest their head after a jam-packed day of discovery.  You can park your campervan in a safe location, even a campervan park and explore surrounding areas on foot and return in the evening for some R and R.