Zimbabwe Uncovered in 30 Images

Zimbabwe is a country with so much diversity and a wealth of beauty, a fact that has perhaps gone under the radar in light of the last few years of political turmoil within Zimbabwe’s borders.

Zimbabwe vista at sunset
Photo By openDemocracy

The media has a way of only reflecting the negative aspects, as let’s face it, disaster sells more than ‘happy-ever-after’. It is true that Zimbabwe as a country has suffered at the hands of its pseudo-dictator: Robert Mugabe. From being a fully literate and burgeoning economy to its present state of financial ruin, Zimbabwe has surely seen better days.

See the shocking image of the Zimbabwean currency at present

Zimbabwe currency
Photo By Lawrence Oei

The fact that the media only reports on these sorry state of affairs begs to question: where is the balance then? For out of every bad, there is surely a good aspect lurking.

Unfortunately the media and its predilection for the horrific is the way the world runs, however we do not need to succumb to the negative ways of many media outlets, we at Drive South Africa prefer to see the light at the end of the tunnel; looking at the cup half full instead of half empty, as it were. Accordingly, we have decided to bring to light the best of Zimbabwe, highlighting the amazing vistas, and sheer warm presence of its people and more.

Zimbabweans daily routine
Photo by Rob&Ale

Take a look at the following images of Zimbabwe, and be transcended to a place where politics does not hold its inhabitants ransom, instead see the greatness that many have forgotten is Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s Lush Landscapes

Image 1

Zimbabwe landscape
Photo By Alan

Image 2

Zimbabwe landscape with Rainbow
Photo By David Mulder

Image 3

Zimbabwe landscape by Victoria Falls
Photo By Erik Torner

Image 4

Sunset vista in Zimbabwe
Photo By Erik Torner

Image 5

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe
Photo By Gina’s foto’s

Image 6

Zimbabwean landscape
Photo By CT Snow

Image 7

Clouds reflecting in Zimbabwe
Photo By Erik Torner

Image 8

Zimbabwe landscape with boat
Photo By Owen Brunette

Image 9

Zimbabwe fields of flowers
Photo By Swathi Sridharan

Image 10

Baobab in Zimbabwe
Photo By Carrie Cizauskas

Zimbabwe’s Wondrous Wildlife

Image 11

Zimbabwe elephant tour
Photo By David Mulder 

Image 12

White horse in Zimbabwe
Photo By Alan

Image 13

Eagle flying in Zimbabwe
Photo By Alan

Image 14

Zebra in Zimbabwe
Photo By Derek Keats 

Image 15

Elephants in Zimbabwe
Photo By Lizzy Olson

Image 16

Buck at sunrise in Zimbabwe
Photo By Pierre Mallien

Image 17

Baby lion cub in Zimbabwe
Photo By Susan Hunt

Zimbabwe’s Curious Culture

Image 18

Bird sculpture in Zimbabwe
Photo By Hans Splinter

Image 19

Zimbabwe culture
Photo By United Nations Photo

Image 20

Zimbabwe tribe hut
Photo By Alan

Image 21

Zimbabwe arts and crafts
Photo By Saad Kadhi

Image 22

Tribal housing in Zimbabwe
Photo By Baynham Goredema

Image 23

Ancient Khoi San Art in Zimbabwe
Photo By Steve Tatum

Zimbabwe’s Various Vistas

Image 24

Zimbabwe vistas
Photo By Alan

Image 25

Zimbabwe ruins
Photo By Alan

Image 26

Zimbabwe city skyline
Photo By Baynham Goredema

Image 27

Statue of Daivd Livingstone in Zimbabwe
Photo By James Whatley

Image 28

Train running through Zimbabwe
Photo By David Mulder

Image 29

Zimbabwe vista
Photo By Gerald Marull Paretas

Image 30

Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe at dusk
Photo By Amodiovalerio 

All in all, Zimbabwe is still a country with beauty unrivalled. As the atmosphere begins to shift within the Zimbabwean borders, so too will peoples perspectives begin to change; a very real need for Zimbabweans and general citizens of this world.

Be the change, and see the change begin all around you..

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