What to expect when you travel to Namibia in April?

By April, it’s starting to feel like autumn in Namibia. Daytime temperatures still average above 30°C across the country, but the evenings are noticeably cooler and nights in the centre and south can drop below 10°C. The rains in the north have now almost entirely abated, but there’s still a chance of thunderstorms in the south. The Orange River and Fish River Canyon are particularly beautiful at this time of year when thunderclouds build up over the Richtersveld and produce some incredible sunsets.

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April is especially hot along the coast and heralds the start of the infamous ‘east wind’ which blows from late autumn and continues intermittently throughout the winter. As air descends from the interior it heats up, and by the time it reaches the coast it can push temperatures above 35°C. When these winds hit The Skeleton Coast, they bring dust and sand with them, and fierce sandstorms can wreak havoc.

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Although not yet ideal for wildlife viewing, the April shoulder-season is known for its crisp, dust-free skies, scattered thunderstorms and gradually cooling days. Damaraland and Kaokoland can be fantastic in April, when it’s slightly cooler and greener. Beware of flash floods if you’re camping in the dry riverbeds.

In the north and in the Zambezi Region, birding is at its peak. By May many will have left for the Northern Hemisphere summer. Fishing on the Zambezi is still not at its best, but the high-water levels allow access to channels that are unnavigable later in the year.