Although noticeably cooler, April is still a great month to explore the whole of South Africa. In the south, the winter rains are starting, but have yet to set in, and warm beach days are still possible along the coast. In the north, the afternoon thunderstorms are becoming less frequent and by the end of the month vegetation is already thinning, making the wildlife in the parks easier to spot. Note that April to October is high season for South Africa’s game parks, and the best wildlife-viewing conditions come with higher prices and busier camps.

South Africa’s game parks, and the best wildlife-viewing in April

Schools usually resume after the second weekend in April, with typically busier roads as South African holidaymakers return home. It’s always a good idea to be off the road at these times, or even better, off road. The dirt roads in the interior are quiet throughout the year, but in April the days are cooling and it’s an ideal time for a desert road trip.

South Africa desert road trip

Once the Easter rush has died down, South Africa relaxes into April, with everyone enjoying the last warm days before winter begins. Nobody can be sure what the weather is going to do so pack for all seasons – it could go either way. Nights in the interior can get surprisingly cold, while a beach day on the coast can be followed by a sudden storm.

The cooler days make April a good time for hiking, cycling and other more strenuous outdoor activities. As the autumn colours emerge, there’s no better place to be than hiking or trout fishing in the Drakensberg Mountains before the start of the winter snow.