The best way to travel Namibia on a budget is to rent a car, stay in campsites and cook your own food. Namibia has some superb campsites in beautiful wild places, and many of them offer shops where you can stock up on things like meat, charcoal and canned food so that you can self-cater. Another way to travel to Namibia on a budget is to join an organized tour that includes your lodging, transport, food, and activities. namibia leaderboard Traveling in the low season months of February, March, April, May, and November means you can get good deals on rooms in lodges and hotels as the rates are significantly lower than in the peak season. Hiking and exploring the national parks and reserves in your car are two of the top budget activities you can do in Namibia, and they also happen to be the best ways to experience the most beautiful places and extraordinary wildlife that the country has to offer. Off to Namibia this holiday? Make sure you book your 4×4 with 4×4 rental in Namibia