The Best Holidays in South Africa, Car Hire to Hotels and Golf Resorts

Table Mountain, Kruger National Park and Durban Beachfront. These are the three most common results you will find when you search for holiday destinations in South Africa. Car hire such as Durban Car Rental will, however, allow you to explore the hidden gems of South Africa. A self-drive holiday is a great way to explore this vast and diverse country. There is more to South Africa than Cape Town and game reserves, some of the most unique flora, fauna and geology can be found dotted around South Africa, car hire is without a doubt the most obvious choice for anyone wanting to see as much as possible without being beholden to the whims of a tour guide.

South Africa Car Hire

The sad fact is that unless you’re retired you probably won’t have time to see everything in this beautiful country, distances are vast and the entertainment value varies from beach holiday to safari trip and almost everything in between.  If one is on a limited time and budget the best you can do is choose what type of holiday you want to have and acquire as much travel information as possible. Golf trips are always popular and there is a selection of some of the best golf resorts in the world in South Africa. Care hire will allow you to play at more than one course whereas a package holiday will limit you to the course or resort that the tour operators choose. They often make these choices based on affiliation rather than quality. The Garden Route in the Eastern Cape is undoubtedly the mecca of golf in South Africa and a private car allows you to not only play a selection of great courses but also to explore this beautiful part of the world.

south africa car rental

Alternatively, you could opt for a safari holiday in one of the many game reserves both privately and government owned that is home to the big five. These are all world class examples of conservation in South Africa. Car rental is without a doubt the best option if planning a holiday of this sort. Not only will it give you the option of moving onto other game reserves if you find one to be disappointing it also gives you the freedom to choose your own driving times around the reserve, which is invaluable if you’re traveling with kids. It is fantastic to be driven around by an experienced game ranger that can help you find the best game sightings, however, there can very little as unpleasant as being stuck in a car with impatient children while the temperature slowly rises to the blistering heat often experienced in these areas.

When on holiday in South Africa car hire is the most versatile option you can choose and will offer you the most enjoyment out of your holiday.

If you are already in the area and you would like to have the freedom to explore the area you are visiting independently, you might want to look into car hire South Africa for the perfect set of wheels.