2 Week Road Trip Itinerary through Mozambique

Epic road trip adventure to Pomene, Mozambique

2 Week Road Trip Itinerary through Mozambique

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14 days

2710 km

  • Enjoy some of the fresh seafood the island provides.
  • See and relax on the beautiful beaches of Mozambique.
  • Try out fishing at the well-known Zavora Lodge.
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Road Trip Itinerary

Activities Kms Stay
Day 1 We travelled from Johannesburg to Marracuene via the Lebombo/Komatipoort/Ressano Garcia border. We then spent our first night at Marracuene Lodge. 551 Marracuene Lodge
Day 2-4 We then travelled to Paindane Beach Resort and spent three nights there. 460 Paindane Beach Resort
Day 5-8 On the fifth night, we decided to head to Pomene Lodge and spend about 4 nights there. 200 Pomene Lodge
Day 9-11 After staying at Pomene Lodge, we then headed to Makolobay Resort in the Barra Reef to stay there for the next 3 nights. 200 Makolobay Resort
Day 12-13 The next two nights were spent at Zavora Lodge. 120 Zavora Lodge
Day 14 Spend the next night at Palmeiras Praia Do Bilene. 300 Palmeiras Praia Do Bilene
Day 15 End of the trip. Drive from Praia Do Bilene to the Lebombo border control. 260 Lebombo border control

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