22 Day Namibia Self-Drive Itinerary

The Perfect Namibia Itinerary For A Self-Drive Road Trip

22 Day Namibia Self-Drive Itinerary

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22 days

3950 km

  • Take in the breathtaking scenery of Waterberg National Park.
  • Visit Etosha National Park and see fantastic wildlife in Namibia.
  • Visit the Fish River canyon and marvel at this enormous natural phenomenon.
  • Admire Damaraland’s welwitschia plants, ancient rock carvings, and other natural phenomena.
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Road Trip Itinerary

Activities Kms Stay
Day 1 Drive from the Airport to pick up your car rental in Windhoek and spend the night. 47 Windhoek
Day 2 Drive from Windhoek to Waterberg National Park for a 1 night stay. 322 Waterberg National Park
Day 3-5 Drive to Etosha National Park for a 3 night stay. 295 Etosha National Park
Day 6 Drive to Damaraland for a 1 night stay. 270 Khorixas
Day 7-8 Drive to the Skeleton Coast for a 2 night stay. 218 Torra Bay campsite
Day 9-10 Drive to Swakopmund for a 2 night stay. 311 Swakopmund
Day 11 Drive to the Namib-Naukluft Park for a 1 night stay. 337 Naukluft Mountains
Day 12 Drive to Sossusvlei for a 1 night stay. 151 Sossusvlei
Day 13 Drive to Aus for a 1 night stay. 373 Aus
Day 14-15 Drive to Lüderitz for a 2 night stay. 125 Lüderitz
Day 16 Drive to FIsh River Canyon for a 1 night stay. 418 Hobas Campsite
Day 17-19 Drive to Ai-Ais hot springs for a 2 night stay. 67 Ai-Ais
Day 20 Drive to Noordoewer for a 1 night stay. 118 Noordoewer
Day 21 Drive to Brukkaros for a 1 night stay. 400 Brukkaros
Day 22 Drive to Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch for a 1 night stay. 190 Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch

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