3 Day Adventure Road Trip from Johannesburg to Lesotho

Road Trip Itinerary from Johannesburg to Lesotho

3 Day Adventure Road Trip from Johannesburg to Lesotho

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3 days

868 km

  • Explore Johannesburg and the scenic and mountainous terrain of Lesotho.
  • Visit Maletsunyane Falls, one of the longest drop waterfalls in Africa, set in a stunning canyon.
  • Experience Semonkong Lodge with its vibrant stalls and community.
  • Driving through the quiet Free State roads and passing through small towns.
  • Enjoy delicious traditional dishes in the Lesotho community.
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Sara EssopAfrique du Sud FlagAfrique du Sud

I am a travel blogger and writer based in Johannesburg, South Africa and I've been blogging for about 10 years. I have a strong social media presence too. I've been to 48 countries thus far but I especially love showcasing the best of Africa.


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Road Trip Itinerary

Activities Kms Stay
Day 1 Depart from Johannesburg and drive to Lesotho on long stretches of quiet roads, passing through small Free State towns. Refuel and refresh in Senekal. Arrive at Maseru, Lesotho, and check into the Avani Hotel Lesotho. 420 Avani Hotel Lesotho
Day 2 Drive through the capital city, Maseru, and venture into the mountains. Observe the traditional Basutho huts, women washing clothes in rivers, and shepherds herding cattle. Arrive at Semonkong Lodge and explore the local trading post. Drive to Maletsunyane Falls and hike down for a better view. Return to Semonkong Lodge for lunch, then drive back to Maseru. 230 Semonkong Lodge
Day 3 Depart Maseru via the Maseru Bridge border and drive to Ficksburg, then to Clarens and Golden Gate National Park. Reflect on the slower pace of life in Lesotho and the bucolic way of life experienced during the trip. 218 Golden Gate National Park

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