7-day Road Trip Itinerary in Southern Tunisia

An Amazing Road Trip in Central and Southern Tunisia Through Djerba, Douz, and Tozeur.

7-day Road Trip Itinerary in Southern Tunisia

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7 days

868 km

  • Seeing troglodyte houses & a dessert camel ride
  • Discovering the Star Wars movie set
  • Exploring the desert on quadbikes
  • Camping in the desert
  • Horse riding on the beach
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Road Trip Itinerary

Activities Kms Stay
Day 1 Leave Djerba on a boat to Gabes. Then drive towards Douz, on your way you can stop and explore Matmata, a small Berber town where some of the residents live in traditional ‘troglodyte’ houses. Before the day ends go for a camel ride and enjoy the sunset. Head to Douz for accomodation. 228 Camping Douz
Day 2-3 Leave for Tozeur and on your way go through a salt desert, and it was impressive to observe the impact of the drought. Explore and have lunch in Tozeur. After lunch, go see the set of Star Wars in Chott el Jerid, near Nefta, then you can continue to Nefta, a city and oasis, for drinks. At the end drive back to Tozeur. The next day explore Tozeurs canyons and the city on horse carriage. Visit a local brick factory, where you'll see the yellow and rich geometric brickwork , maybe make a brick with you own design. Continue by carriage to a garden to try fruits and see how Tunisians picked coconuts from the palm trees. 173 Hôtel Ksar Jerid
Day 4 Drive back to Douz ,in the morning and explore the local market. Continue driving to Oasis Ksar Ghilane for a unique swim. Enjoy the afternoon quad biking on the desert dunes and camp out in desert for the night. 170 Desert Camp Abdelati
Day 5-7 Visit Chenini, a troglodyte village on the edge of the mountains. Eat there and leave for Tataouine, where you'll saw another part of the Star Wars movie set. Wandered around before heading back to Djerba. Go shopping in Djerba's markets, enjoy horsing on the beach and take a swim in the turquoise water. 296 Dar Almassa maison d'hôtes

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