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Frequently Asked Questions

Drive South Africa's EV Map lets drivers choose between two types of EV charging stations. Charging stations are defined by the type of plug and current used to charge an electronic vehicle. Type 2 EV chargers are the more common type, with their seven-pin design. They are used for fast EV charging using Alternating Current (AC). Combined Charging Systems (CCS) uses fast Direct Current (DC) charging.
Select the type of charge you need. Then, enter your current location in the search bar. The EV Map will then refresh to display the nearest EV charging stations.
While many stations operate 24/7, availability can vary. Plan your trip well in advance and check individual station details for operating hours and any access restrictions.
Click on a station marker on the map to view detailed information, including the number of charging bays available, a clickable link to directions, and contact details for the charging station.
Charging fees vary by location and provider. Check individual station details for any usage fees or access restrictions.
Reservation policies depend on the station provider. Check the station details for reservation options and procedures.
Drive South Africa's EV Map is regularly updated, but users are encouraged to check the latest details and user reviews for real-time information.
Drive South Africa has compiled the locations of these charging stations into a resource for its clients only. Report the issue directly to the station provider.