14 Day Road Trip Through Namibia

Road trip 2015: The Hunt For Red Dune

14 Day Road Trip Through Namibia

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14 days

3150 km

  • Search for the elusive “Red Dune”.
  • Explore the vast and stunning landscapes of Namibia.
  • Long hours of driving, camp under the stars, and encounter diverse wildlife.
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Alex Strazar Profile Pic Alex StrazarSlovenia FlagSlovenia

For over 25 years, Alex has been a passionate self-driving traveler. Who specializes in travel, exploration, and sharing his experiences with people from all over the world.

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Road Trip Map

Road Trip Itinerary

Activities Kms Stay
Day 1 Drive from WIndhoek to Barchan Dune Retreat. for a 1 night stay. 231 Barchan Dune Retreat
Day 2 Drive to the Sosusvlei Dune Lodge via Solitaire for a 1 night stay. 117 Sosusvlei Dune Lodge
Day 3 Drive to Namib Desert Lodge for a 1 night stay. 66 Namib Desert Lodge
Day 4 Drive to Fish River Lodge for a 1 night stay. 547 Fish River Lodge
Day 5 Drive to Mesosaurus Fossil Camp for a 1 night stay. 221 Mesosaurus Fossil Camp
Day 6-7 Drive to Kglagadi Transfrontier Park for a 2 night stay at Kalahari Tented Camp. 221 Kalahari Tented Camp
Day 8 Drive to Nossob Rest Camp for a 1 night stay. 126 Nossob Rest Camp
Day 9 Drive to !Xaus Lodge for a 1 night stay. 125 !Xaus Lodge
Day 10-11 Drive to Twee Rivieren Camp for a 2 night stay. 70 Twee Rivieren Camp
Day 12 Drive to Kalahari Farmstall for a 1 night stay. 132 Kalahari Farmstall
Day 13 Drive to Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch for a 1 night stay. 304 Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch
Day 14 Drive to Windhoek for a 1 night stay. 262 Villa Violet

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