4×4 rental Namibia

Namibia is a land of stark and desolate beauty, with literally miles and miles of both tarred and off roads to explore. This could be one of the best 4×4 adventures you will ever take, so make sure everything is in order with Drive South Africa’s excellent team of sales and travel experts who are waiting to make your 4×4 Namibian self-drive adventures a breeze.

There really is something unique and interesting about this country and with so many dirt and off roads, 4×4 rental Namibia really is the best way to experience it. All you have to do is fill in the simple online booking form, send an email or call one of our dedicated sales and travel experts today to get the best advice for your next Namibian adventure.

Best time to visit

Namibia really is a dry country and rainfall is far less dense than countries further east. Namibia receives rain between December to March and this is when some days will be humid with afternoon showers and possible thunderstorms. However you want to be there ideally during June to October which is widely considered to be a great time for wildlife viewing. Etosha Game Park is considered to be one of the more optimal areas in the country to see game.

Around the area

There really is so much to explore in Namibia, from the coastal German inspired Swakopmund, to the shipwrecks of the skeleton coast. Not to mention the abundant wildlife of Etosha National Park. The Sossusvlei showcases the brightly lit yet almost ghostly dunes which are great for exploring in a new 4×4 rental Namibia. Windhoek the capital might be a small city but it’s up and coming nature makes it great for anyone wishing to get a little bit of an urban experience before venturing off road.

Getting around

If there is any country where off road driving can be explored in its full magnitude its Namibia there really is a world of 4×4 trailblazing just waiting for you around every corner. Yes you could try your luck with a 2 wheel car. This is seriously going to limit your experience and once you arrive and see the open spaces you really won’t be sorry for 4×4 rental Namibia with Drive South Africa.

Length of stay

There really a lot of explore in this magical country so anything less than 2 weeks would not be sufficient. You are going to want to get out there and drive on the many off road locations for which the country is famous for. However if you want to camp and really get to know and experience this fascinating destination, 3 weeks to a month will be a more suitable time.

What to pack

Going on a self-drive safari or adventure anywhere in the world means that you will be going to some remote places where people may not be around to help you if you get yourself into any tricky situations. On top of the normal things you would take when traveling it’s also good to take a few essential extras which might get you out of any unwanted situations. These include as much extra water as you can fit in your car, a spare tyre, a first aid kit, tow rope, a shovel and jumper cables.

Where to stay


This is the biggest city in the country hence it has the widest variety of accommodation facilities available from self-catering guest houses, lodges and hotels you really won’t have any issues finding a great place to stay in Windhoek.


This is a popular destination for those wishing to experience the vastness of the skeleton coast. Its German inspired buildings also have many great places to stay. You really won’t have any problem finding great places to stay in Swakopmund.

Etosha National Park

This is one of the most famed wildlife areas in Southern Africa and boasts three main campsites with varying accommodation options. Some of the facilities include restaurants and swimming pools as well as floodlit waterholes so game viewing can be experienced a bit later on in the evening from the comfort of your camp.

Why rent a 4×4 in Namibia with Drive South Africa

With so many wonderful places to explore in Namibia and so many great  off road experiences and 4×4 trails and areas you really would be selling your self-drive experience short if you didn’t choose 4×4 rental Namibia. With Drive South Africa it really is a cinch, just call one of our leading sales or travel experts today and get the best possible deals out and start your Namibian 4×4 self-drive adventure in style.