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Harare, Zimbabwe is like nothing you have ever seen before. The perfect combination between amazing wildlife and pure peace and quiet.

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Our Recommended Vehicles for Harare

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The Nissan Double Cab BNDC 4x4 is built to take on the harshest environments. This 4x4 is manual and has a 2.5 litre diesel engine, a 140 litre fuel tank and a fuel consumption of 12 litres per 100 kilometers. The Nissan Double Cab accommodates two people comfortably.

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Toyota Landcruiser 4x4 BLC

The Toyota Landcruiser is a very robust, reliable and exceptionally capable 4WD vehicle. A highly respected safari vehicle in Africa, with no electronics and ideal for remote area travel. This vehicle comfortably seats 5 adult passengers.

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Toyota Fortuner 4x4 BFTA

The Fortuner is one of Southern Africa’s best selling SUVs. This Hilux based SUV is built tough to traverse different terrain. Experience great ride comfort in this 7 seater which seats 5 adults and 2 children comfortably. Perfect for a group or family vacation.

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Toyota Double Cab 4x4 BTDC

The Toyota Double Cab BTDC 4x4 is a four sleeper equipped vehicle. Ideal for a family trip through Southern Africa. This 4x4 has 2.4 litre diesel engine and a 160 litre fuel tank. The average consumption is 12 litre per 100 kilometres. The vehicle comes with two spacious rooftop tents.

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Harare Travel Advice


city of harare in zimbabweHarare is the capital of Zimbabwe which is a small landlocked country close to Zambia, South Africa and Mozambique. Recognised for its immense beauty, Zimbabwe is one of the premium self drive safari destinations in Africa. Harare stands as your entry point to this beautiful country and the start to your 4x4 self drive holiday.

Zimbabwe Official Language

Zimbabwe has 16 official languages but the main language used in government and business is English. The other main langauges in Zimbabwe are Shona spoken by appproximately 70% of the population and Ndebele which is spoken by roughly 20% of the population.

Zimbabwe Currency

The currency in Zimbabwe is the Zimbabwe Dollar but due to hyperinflation currencies such as the United States Dollar (USD), the South African Rand  (ZAR), Pound Sterling (GBP) and Botswana Pula are used.

Best Time to Visit Harare

May to October are the winter months in Harare and what’s good about visiting during this time of year is that there is little to no chance of getting malaria this is also considered a great time to go on game viewing expeditions and 4x4 off road adventures.

The rest of Zimbabwe will follow similar seasons but it is always best to consult one of our expert 4x4 rental consultants before making any specific choices.

Things to do in Harare

Harare being the capital of Zimbabwe has plenty of attraction. We will share a few must-visit attractions in Harare below:

  • The National Gallery of Zimbabwe – African Contemporary art and traditional pieces are displayed.
  • Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences – Formerly known as the Queen Victoria Museum which contains rare artifacts such as a 700 year old Lemba artifact ngoma lungundu, which some believe is a replica of the Ark of the Covennant
  • Mukuvisi Woodlands – Nature reserve with camps, bike paths and a bird park.

Getting Around

Harare like much of Zimbabwe has natural environments and national parks, off-road driving and 4x4 trails are in abundance and adventures are waiting to happen at the drop of a hat. This means there are also 4x4 operators who will take you to these locations. However, if you hire a 4x4, you can do it yourself with the option of camping and experiencing the great Zimbabwe outdoors in style. Hiring a camper is generally not an option as you need tarred roads for the camper, so stick to an equipped 4x4.

Length of Stay

Zimbabwe grants 30 day tourist visas, however there are quite a few countries exempt from obtaining a visa, do some research beforehand on this. Victoria Falls could be experienced within a week but you’ll probably want more time since Zimbabwe is a small country three weeks would probably be sufficient. 30 days will serve you well in the country with the possibility of you wanting a longer stay.

What to Pack for Your Trip

Beyond the normal things you would take on a safari a self-drive 4x4 adventure is a little different as you are likely to get yourself in certain situations where you won’t be near civilization so bear this in mind.  A decent first aid kit is mandatory, take lots of extra water.

4x4 Hire in Harare

From rolling fields, magical waterfalls, bungee jumping and river rafting it seems that adventure waits around every corner in this amazing landlocked wonderland. If you really want to explore it in its entirety hiring a 4x4 vehicle seems the way.

Drive South Africa with our excellent team of sales representatives and travel experts getting out there on the road really is a breeze. Contact us and one of our friendly travel experts will get back to you.

FAQs for 4x4 Hire in Harare

Bushlore Namibia and Botswana, Britz 4x4 Rental in Namibia offer 4x4 hire in Harare that adhere to strict COVID-19 health, cleaning and safety standards.

You can hire a 4x4 in Harare from AUD 94.67 per day for a Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4 from Bushlore Africa.

The cheapest 4x4 to hire in Harare is the Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4 from Bushlore Africa. You can rent the Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4 from AUD 94.67 per day.

The cheapest 4x4 hire agency in Harare right now is Bushlore Africa. Book directly with them via Drive South Africa.

Search Drive South Africa's website to find 4x4 hire near you in Harare

Camper 4x4 hire in Harare costs anything from AUD 116.58 per day to AUD 180.13 per day.

With Camping Equipment 4x4 hire in Harare costs anything from AUD 95.54 per day to AUD 171.8 per day.

Without Camping Equipment 4x4 hire in Harare costs anything from AUD 94.67 per day to AUD 136.3 per day.

It costs AUD 662.66 to hire a 4x4 for a week in Harare. The cheapest weekly 4x4 rental rate is for the Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4 by Bushlore Africa.

It costs AUD 2839.96 per month to hire a 4x4 long term in Harare. The cheapest monthly 4x4 rental rate is for the Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4 by Bushlore Africa. You can pay up to AUD 2839.96 per month to hire a Toyota Hilux Double Cab 4x4 long term in Harare.