4×4 Hire in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a small landlocked country close to Zambia, South Africa and Mozambique. However its size hasn’t stopped it from being big in other ways the majestic Victoria Falls for one which shares a border with Zambia is testament to this statement. The country is made of many places in which to experience the freedom of off road 4×4 bliss.

Drive South Africa is here to make your every wish and desire a reality, with our excellent team of sales representatives and travel experts you really will be on the road in no time. Just fill out the easy step by step booking form or get in contact over email or telephone. 4×4 hire Zimbabwe is as easy as that.

Best time to visit

May to October are the winter months in Zimbabwe and what’s good about visiting during this time of year is that there is little to no chance of getting malaria this is also considered a great time to go on game viewing expeditions and 4×4 off road adventures. 

Around the area

Zimbabwe is a country with an abundance of national parks and vivid spectacular scenery most notably Victoria Falls. Where one can bungee jump or go kayaking nearby as well as river cruises around the area which is famous for an abundance of water wildlife including hippos. Batoka gorge is famous for white water rafting; Matusadona and Mana Pools national park is where you will find a lot of the wildlife. You can also get a little urban taste of Zimbabwe at Harare and Bulawayo and other notable areas include Hwange National Park, Matobo National Park, Gonarezhou National Park and the Chinhoyi Caves.

Getting around

Because much of the country has natural environments and national parks, off road driving and 4×4 trails are in abundance and adventures are waiting to happen at the drop of a hat. This means there is also 4×4 operators who will take you to these locations.

However if you have a 4×4 hire Zimbabwe you can do it yourself with the option of camping and experiencing the great Zimbabwe outdoors in style.

Length of stay

Zimbabwe grants 30 day tourist visas, however there are quite a few countries exempt from obtaining a visa, do some research beforehand on this. Victoria Falls could be experienced within a week but you’ll probably want more time since Zimbabwe is a small country three weeks would probably be sufficient. 30 days will serve you well in the country with the possibility of you wanting a longer stay. 

What to pack

Beyond the normal things you would take on a safari a self-drive 4×4 adventure is a little different as you are likely to get yourself in certain situations where you won’t be near civilization so bear this in mind.  A decent first aid kit is mandatory, take lots of extra water. 

Where to stay

Victoria Falls/Livingstone

This is one of the major tourist destinations for both Zambia and Zimbabwe and the town pretty much thrives off the tourism industry. There really is a world of first class accommodation facilities to suit all tastes and budgets in this area of Zambia. 4×4 hire Zimbabwe will enable you to explore and do more.


Harare the capital has a world of great hotels, lodges and guest houses to stay at, so you really won’t have any issues finding great places to stay at in the capital before you head off on your epic off road 4×4 adventures.


Bulawayo is another urban hub. This will also be a great place to charge some batteries before you get back out there exploring this majestic country.

National Parks

Aforementioned Zimbabwe also has a wealth of great camps and lodges within all of their national parks, these vary from luxury tented camps to self-catering facilities and eco bush lodges.

Why hire a 4×4 in Zimbabwe with Drive South Africa

From rolling fields, magical waterfalls, bungee jumping and river rafting it seems that adventure waits around every corner in this amazing landlocked wonderland. If you really want to explore it in its entirety 4×4 hire Zimbabwe seems the way. 

Drive South Africa with our excellent team of sales representatives and 4×4 hire Zimbabwe travel experts getting out there on the road really is a breeze.