4x4 Forums in South Africa

If you’re looking to interact with fellow 4×4 enthusiasts in South Africa, why not join a 4×4 forum? We’ve created a list of the best online 4×4 forums in South Africa, to better help you connect with those who share your passion for off-road adventure.

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Landy Online 4×4 Forum

Website: http://www.landyonline.co.za/landyforum/ South African 4x4 forums - Landy Online 4x4 Forum

For all the Land Rover enthusiasts, this 4×4 forum was created with you in mind. Posts are published regularly, registration is quick and easy, and no payment fees are required.  The forum includes a classifieds section, an advanced search bar (to easily find topics of interest) and even a section that informs the community of members’ up and coming birthdays. This South African 4×4 forum has over 3500 members currently subscribed and with its user-friendly web design, it’s easy to see why.

4×4 Community Forum

Website: http://4x4community.co.za Forums in South Africa - 4x4 Community Forum

Clearly the biggest community 4×4 forum in South Africa, with a detailed yet simple registration form. 4×4 Community Forum South Africa receives daily posts by tons of 4×4 fanatics. Features on this forum include a classified section, an online store and even a photo gallery dedicated to its users. No wonder it currently has over 31 000 members subscribed to its forum.

Nissan 4×4 Forum

Website: http://www.nissan4x4.co.za/ South African 4x4 forums - Nissan 4x4 Forum

With a forum layout different to most, while still being user-friendly; this site has posts surfacing on a regular basis. Features include a classifieds section and a business directory to name but a few. The Nissan 4×4 forum South Africa has just over 3700 members, making this forum a must for all Nissan 4×4 fans.


Website: http://www.4xforum.com/forum/ 4x4 forums - 4xForum

While being one of the smaller communities on our list, this South African 4×4 forum is by no means showing any signs of slowing down, with a welcoming feel and a registration process that is quick and easy to complete, this forum is one to watch in the future. The site includes a featured trail and route directory, a classifieds section, as well as a number of topic-orientated pages that will keep you coming back; time and time again.

Land Cruiser Club South African 4×4 Forum

Website: http://landcruiserclub.co.za/forum/ South African 4x4 forum - Land Cruiser Club Forum

The actual forum’s topic and discussion pages are only open to registered members; so if you’re looking for a forum that can only be accessed by members, this just may be it. The site has over 8000 members; a clear indication that the Land Cruiser 4×4 fans forum is well maintained.

Mercedes 4×4 Forum

Website: http://www.mb4x4.co.za/forum/ 4x4 forum in South Africa - Mercedes 4x4 Forum

With a registration process that is hassle-free and straightforward, the Mercedes 4×4 Forum is an impressive site to visit. Regular postings are made and features include an event calendar, online user-count feature and detailed membership profiles, making it easy to interact with community members both on and offline. This South African forum currently has a membership count of over 880 Mercedes Benz owners from all across the country, making this forum a great community to join if you’re passionate about Mercedes Benz 4x4s.

Hilux 4×4 Forum

Website: http://www.hilux4x4.co.za/views/ South African 4x4 forums - Hilux 4x4 Forum

Membership to the Hilux 4×4 forum is free and easy to follow, however, if you’d like to bump up your community involvement status, you can join the Hilux 4×4 Club, which has an annual membership fee of R100.00. Features include everything from general 4×4 discussions to more technical engine orientated conversations, as well as a number of 4×4 trip reports, user experiences and an events calendar. The forum currently boasts 8000 members and with a user-friendly forum experience, it’s easy to see why.

Isuzu 4×4 Forum

Website: http://www.isuzuoffroad.co.za/ 4x4 fan forums - Isuzu 4x4 Forum

Membership to the Isuzu 4×4 forum is free, but much like the Hilux 4×4 forum, they have an off-road club that requests an initial membership fee or R100 or annual membership fee of R350. The forum is relatively user-friendly and easy to navigate around. All categories have individual comment sections and an events page, as well as an outing schedule for those members looking to interact with fellow 4×4 enthusiasts offline. To better help you when registering and starting to interact on the site, a detailed FAQ section has also been added.

Pajero Owners Club 4×4 Forum

Website: http://www.pajeroclub.co.za/forum/ 4x4 fan forums in South Africa

With registration being a simple and easy process, the Pajero Owners Club features regular posts and a detailed FAQ section. Answers are detailed and all the needed terminology is explained. Their current membership is set at just over 1500 members, making this 4×4 fans forum a favorite among South African Pajero owners and 4×4 enthusiasts alike.

Mahindra 4×4 Club Forum

Website: http://www.m4x4club.co.za/forum.html South African 4x4 fan forums - Mahindra 4x4 Club Forum

Also clearly one of the smaller South African 4×4 forums on our list, the Mahindra 4×4 forum has just over 26 members. However, the site’s layout makes this forum a pleasure to browse. For those who wish to strengthen the community, registration is easy to understand and quick to complete.

Fortuner 4×4 Fans Forum

Website: http://www.fortuner4x4fans.co.za/forum/ 4x4 forums - Fortuner 4x4 Fans

The Fortuner 4×4 fans forum and its 200-odd members are a small community of enthusiasts, but discussions are plentiful with posts taking place on a daily basis. The site is easy to browse and registration is free of charge. One of their drawbacks, however, is that they don’t feature an FAQ section.

Suzuki 4×4 Forum

Website: http://www.suzukiautoclub.co.za/ 4x4 forums in South Africa - Suzuki 4x4 Forum
Suzuki 4×4 forum South Africa doesn’t enjoy posts published as often as other forums, however, they’re clearly ready to grow their community by incorporating an effortless registration process. The site itself is also easy to navigate through, with a number of featured sections that will appeal to the Suzuki 4×4 enthusiast in you. Have we missed any important or noteworthy 4×4 forums in South Africa? Let us know and we’ll pop on over to check it out. Planning a 4×4 trip and need to hire a 4×4 vehicle locally? If you want to go on your own adventure through Africa, you might want to have a look at 4×4 hire to find the best vehicle for your adventure.

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