4x4 Trails near Johannesburg

Johannesburg is known as the business centre of South Africa. However, there are times when you feel the need to escape the urban buzz of the city and venture out into the great outdoors. There are a couple of 4×4 trails near Johannesburg that cater towards a diverse range of skill levels, from the adrenaline junkie to the outdoorsy family.

For those looking for an easy-to-reach destination for a day trip with a group of friends or the family, there are a number of great 4×4 trails to choose from. For a quick getaway, here’s a list of 4×4 trails near Johannesburg with various accommodation options for a weekend break. You can also hire a 4×4 in Johannesburg if you don’t own your own.

Hennops Offroad 4×4 Trail

The Hennops 4×4 trail near Johannesburg can be found 62km outside the city and offers two trails. A shorter, advanced trail beckons experienced drivers looking for a quick thrill while a longer route is ideal for families looking for a fun day out. A picnic area is also available on site.

All Out Africa 4×4 Route

The All Out Africa 4×4 route (Bosvark) can be found 32km outside Johannesburg in the Krugersdorp area and offers an obstacle course, a muddy track which is suitable for both 4x4s and 4x2s, a rock wall and longer action trails with picnic spots and braai facilities. Ideal for families, there is also a kiddie’s quad track available and a craft market is on offer once a month.

Above: All Out Africa in Krugersdorp photographed by the All Out Africa Team

Bass Lake Adventures 4×4 Trail

Bass Lake Adventures can be found about 50km outside of Johannesburg and offers a grade 4, 14km trail. The trail is self-drive while training options and hire vehicles are also available for newbie 4×4 drivers.  Bass Lake also features a coffee shop, camping and chalet accommodation, squash and tennis courts, kiddies play area and a swimming pool for those who wish to spend the weekend there. A number of activities are also available for all to enjoy including fishing, hiking, kayaking, bird watching and mountain biking.

Above: Bass Lake Adventure trail outside Johannesburg photographed by the Bass Lake Adventure Team

De Wildt 4×4 Trail

De Wildt 4×4 trail is near Johannesburg, found 88km outside of the city in Magaliesberg and here the game park has been designed for 4×4 enthusiasts. De Wildt offers self-drive game viewing with 4×4 vehicles, camping facilities, walking and mountain biking trails, braai and picnic areas, a sports bar, cabins and a caravan site while many exciting activities are within easy reach of De Wildt. While on the 4×4 route, guests can spot giraffe, springbok, kudu, hyena, zebra and eland.

Berakah Eco 4×4 Trails

Berakah is a popular trail situated 120km from Johannesburg, near Parys. Berakah offers hiking, mountain biking and 4×4 trails and this unique trail is set in a structure formed by a meteorite that struck the earth millions of years ago. The trail is divided into various routes which are ideal for a range of skill levels while a variety of accommodation options are also available on site.

Moegatle 4×4 Trail

Moegatle 4×4 Trail is referred to as one of South Africa’s three Terror Trails and is located in Brits, 120km outside of Johannesburg. The trail consists of a number of tough obstacles while a bypass route is available for those who just can’t complete an obstacle. A bar with a big screen, chalets and a campsite are also available at Moegatle.

Above: The Moegatle 4×4 trails in Brits photographed by Leif Sobremonte

Kungwini 4×4 Trail near Johannesburg

4X4 Kungwini near Johannesburg is about 53km away from the city. Here an academy and eco-trail are available on site. Beginners can receive 4×4 training in a private environment through a variety of obstacles while an 8km trail with picnic areas are great for day trips.

Above: 4×4 Kungwini just outside Pretoria photographed by the 4×4 Kungwini Team

Rhinopark 4×4 Trail Adventures

Rhinopark is situated just 76km from Johannesburg and offers a guided trail for 4×4 vehicles. The guided route departs at set times and is ideal for those who want to challenge themselves but are a little nervous about going at it alone. This 12km loop throws out a fair number of obstacles including ditches, a narrow log bridge, steep hill climbs and rock faces however the trail does have a few escape routes for those who are faint at heart.

Hopefully, you found this list of 4×4 trails useful. With so many awesome 4×4 trails near Johannesburg, you can add some adventure to the next long business trip.

Guest post author:

4×4 trails near Johannesburg was written by Janine Mare who is a travel and lifestyle writer currently working for the South African Tourism Company. Drive South Africa is proud to welcome Janine to our community.

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