Five of the Best 4x4 Trails in Botswana

Botswana is home to some of the best 4×4 trails in southern Africa. Many keen adventurers love to travel along these routes because of long-distance journeys, terrain, and local wildlife. Still, there is no reason why novice travellers shouldn’t enjoy the experience too. If you are planning a trip to this majestic country and don’t have a vehicle, you might want to have a look at hiring a 4×4 in Botswana. Pick your vehicle and choose the extras. There are plenty of trails that find the balance between a tourist-friendly adventure and a challenge. Some of these routes are long and a little rougher than the average, but they are still well signposted and easy to enjoy. Others are short and manageable.

Five of the Best 4×4 Trails in Botswana.

Lerucama Game Ranch

This first trail is a great starting point for those new to 4×4 adventures in Botswana. This short 50km trail provides a taster of the sandy terrain and scenic views you can expect on longer treks. The close proximity to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve means that there are great opportunities for wildlife sightings. Once travellers complete the trail, they are rewarded with a stay in a comfortable ranch.

Mabuasehube Wilderness Trail

Leucaena is a good taster session for the more rustic experience of this Mabuasehube trail. This trail is just over three times as long, at 155km, and requires 2 days of driving and an overnight stay. The Nossob rest camp lets travellers fully appreciate the remote setting of this Botswana park. Again, this a scenic trail with lots of potential wildlife encounters along the way.

Gemsbok Wilderness Trail

This option is a great choice for less experienced drivers in need of some adventure. The distance on this trail is a little longer than that of the Mabuasehube Wilderness Trail, at around 200km. But the simplicity of the route and the ease of driving on the sand and grass means that many achieve it in one day. The landscape here is vastly different from that of other trails, so even experienced drivers will appreciate this journey.

Polentswa Wilderness Trail

This 6-day trial is perfect for groups that want to make a full week of it out in Botswana, but still, want a little comfort and guidance along the way. The route has a moderate difficulty level but follows a clear circuit back to the starting point in the Nossob Camp in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. There are comfortable campsites around the circuit and there is plenty to see. Make sure to book in advance due to limited vehicle numbers. Car hire is an option to travel to the nearest town or city but you would have to take a 4×4 or camper if you want to get closer to the wildlife.

Botswana Isolation Trail

The final 4×4 trail on this list is the most difficult. This is one for those that have lots of time to spare, are experienced drivers and are well-prepared. This route lives up to its name as it traverses the land between Makalambedi and Katima Mulilo. It is a challenge, especially in the sands of the Kalahari, and can take up to 3 weeks. But, the effort is rewarded with all the great wildlife and the sense of achievement at the end. The routes above are five of the best 4×4 trails in Botswana for great wildlife sightings and adventure. As you can see, they vary in length and difficulty, so make sure to plan your trip carefully and book the right vehicle. Choose the trail that is best for you and sees why so many people flock to Botswana. Most travellers opt for booking a vehicle with 4×4 rental Botswana.

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