Meet top Car Rental Consultant Eljean Davids

Her face is always stuck in a smile, she is outgoing, she has perfect curly hair and it seems like nothing can mess up her day… Except if you ask her to sew in a seam, of course.

Cheréne Pienaar gets to know April’s Sales Consultant of the Month Eljean Davids at Drive South Africa.

If you would like the freedom to do what you want, when you want to, you might want to consider car hire South Africa for your transportation needs.

Like a fresh breeze

As the latest addition to the Drive South Africa sales team, Eljean Davids is a fresh breeze into the telephone lines leading to 38 Hout Street, Cape Town, where Drive South Africa operates from.

Eljean Davids

Even though this young and trendy girl loves the vibey city, she hails from a much more relaxed and down-to-earth place. The Boland district’s Winelands is not only where Eljean grew up, but this postcard region is also her favorite part of South Africa.

“I know I’m a bit biased, but nothing beats visiting a small town like Wellington where you are surrounded by the friendliest people and the Boland’s magical mountains.”

‘I love making it happen’

Nothing relaxes this country gal like cooking up a storm, which her beloved husband Lesley happily devours every night in their Bellville home. Going to the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town or visiting family with hubby is what Eljean loves to do over the weekends and holidays. Although these are her break-away things to do, Eljean Davids is just one of those people that love her job.

To be part of a client’s dream holiday by making it all happen from start to finish is what Eljean adores about being a sales consultant. “I try to give the kind of service I would like to get. Bad client service is just the pits.”

March 2012 is definitely not the last time this young and focused woman will be the Sales Consultant of the Month. Her recipe for success is unavailable; “Hard work, friendliness, commitment, quick response to clients’ e-mails and a love for what you do is how I would define success.”

Make hers a Jaguar

“Working for Drive South Africa, what is her dream car?” I hear you ask.

Call me crazy but I’m not a Porsche, Ferrari, or Mercedes kind of person. I just love the shape of the Jaguar. That’s why it was my wedding car.” Eljean chuckles and excuses herself to tend to a client’s needs as swiftly and stylishly as her favorite car.


Speak to Eljean or one of our other friendly car rental consultants to meet all your South Africa car rental needs, the quick and easy way.

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