Mozambique Map - your Cubbyhole Companion

Sure, you can download just about any route onto your GPS nowadays, but as you know, there are those times when a good old fashioned road map saves the day. Meet MapStudio’s 4th Edition Mozambique map. Here’s what I like about the map…

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Map of Mozambique - it's got everything you need as a traveller

Above: Map of Mozambique with all its informative icons

Tourist Targeted Mozambique Map

This map is perfect for travelers. On the one side, there is a large map of mainland Mozambique, flanked by boxes of more detailed maps. On the flip side, there is a bakkie-load of smaller, more focused maps and informational goodies. These boxes of information make it really easy to plan your route to the activities and attractions that tickle your fancy.

The map lists a hoard of activities that travelers generally love, and even displays the best diving spots around the Bazaruto Archipelago and what the maximum depths of the dives are. Pretty neat.

Things to do plotted on this Map of Mozambique

Above: Offering travelers suggestions of what to do in an area

It’s all very well having activities plotted on a map, but as a traveler, who do you contact to do these activities? Well, MapStudio thought about that. They’ve included a few contact numbers you can phone to organize these mainly water-based activities.

I love photos. I love them in my photo albums, on my walls and in my maps. This Mozambique map has photos! It’s a great way to show you exactly what you should expect from a certain area or specific activity.

Pictures in the Mozambique map

Above: Photos add a much needed dash of colour to the Mozambique map

The actual map is full-colour and manages to cram a whole lot of information into a small stretch of coast without it seeming too cluttered. The neat icons are an easy way to show you exactly where you can expect to find accommodation, airports, petrol stations, toll roads, diving spots and camping areas. There are also red stars with bold text indicating areas you may want to know about (basically, points of interest), like great spots for bird watching, nature reserves, forests and sanctuaries. Of course, the map also has a handy index that helps you find your way around the map easily.

Mozambique map location index

Above: Nifty location index

Whether you have your heart set on taking a cocktail sipping cruise of sorts, or simply want to fish, this map shows you exactly where to find all the rivers, lakes, dams and swamps in Mozambique.

Information Packed Map of Mozambique

After all the main touristy areas, activities and routes are pointed out, it’s time to get down to the more technical stuff, and this MapStudio Mozambique Map definitely delivers.

One of the information grids that caught my eye is the Temperatures chart. It outlines exactly what temperatures you can expect when in Maputo and Beira in each season. Impressive!

There are also helpful enlarged map sections of the Mozambique islands and regions so it’s easier to get around and make the most out of each area while you’re there. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I noticed that they’ve even placed a marker on the Maputo road map section that shows you where to find a Nando’s!

Detailed Mozambique Map

Above: Look – It’s Nando’s plotted on the map of Mozambique

If at any stage you need to get to your country’s embassy in Maputo, whip out your Mozambique map, because there is a sky-full of the blue star markers scattered throughout the map, showing users where their embassy is located.

Don’t ask me how, but MapStudio managed to fit in a section on their Mozambique map that includes Mozambique history, information about the people who live there and the local cultures. There’s even a fun fact or two thrown in there. Like, did you know that in Nampula, women apply white root extract to their faces, bodies and skin? Well, now you do. Thank you Mozambique map!

A large number of travellers take a GPS with them on their travels. Why not? It makes life so much easier. This Mozambique map has acknowledged the population’s love for the GPS and has included GPS coordinates throughout its map so that you can decide where you’d like to go from looking at the map, punch in the coordinates, and drive. Simple.

Now, this is the part that gets detailed, but brilliant. Along some of the roads, you’ll find additional notes that tell you when to expect the road to be flooded, or what time of year you’ll need a 4×4 to travel a specific route. Very helpful.

This is me taking my hat off to MapStudio for creating another great map. Good job on your Mozambique map! Good job.

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