Singles Travel South Africa

If you are travelling in South Africa alone, then we recommend the following 2 websites. Day Tours South Africa is the definitive guide of things to do in South Africa. The website offers a range of day tours in all popular travel destinations in South Africa. Their tours are suited to single travellers of all ages. From the serenity of the Cape Town Winelands, to the splendor of the Kruger National Park, and the adrenaline rush of Shark Cage Diving in Gaansbaai. This website has something for all single travellers.

If you want to go on your own adventure through Africa, you might want to have a look at 4×4 hire South Africa to find the best vehicle for your adventure.

Safaris for single travellers

Safaris for Singles offers tours suitable for single travellers in Africa. Tours range from 4 days to 40 weeks! The singles’ trips offered on the website are run by an established tour operator with many years experience in Africa travel. There are a number of safaris and tours for singles to choose from. More information and friendly assistance is just a click away. Get out there and have the adventure of a lifetime.

If you are interested in going on a 4×4 adventure here, but find yourself in need of a vehicle, you might want to consider 4×4 hire South Africa to find the perfect vehicle for your travel needs.

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