For many years Cape Town has been known as Africa’s gateway. It is known as the start and end of your African Journey, and the link between places. 

Alongside Johannesburg, Cape Town is one of the most developed cities on the continent. This means it offers the luxuries of a city including hospital care, hotels, shopping and more. But why else is Cape Town Africa’s Gateway?

What is a gateway?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a gateway is “an opening that can be closed by a gate.” 

A gateway is an entrance or doorway to get into a place or to leave a place. It provides a safe and easy way to travel to and from with minimal time wasted. 

Travel into Cape Town

Travelling to Cape Town is easy. With so many options and more Big Airlines offering direct flights, your choices are abundant. 

Flying to Cape Town over Table Bay or False Bay into Cape Town International Airport is the most popular option. Another option is via the Cruise Terminal at Victoria and Alfred Harbour. Lastly, Cape Town has many train and road routes connecting it to many other parts of Africa.

Travel out of Cape Town

Travelling from Cape Town to the rest of Africa is also very easy. Flights to Nairobi, Livingstone, Addis Abbaba, Cairo, Windhoek, Walvis Bay and many more when flying via Johannesburg OR Tambo Airport. 

Travelling via Luxury Train can take you up to Pretoria and even as far as Livingstone all while travelling in 5* accommodation.

Cruise Liners travel from Cape Town up to Durban, Mauritius and Seychelles, boasting our beautiful Eastern Coastline and tropical waters.

Travelling by road can be long, but offers you a lot of flexibility. From going NW to Namibia, N to Johannesburg, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, and NE along the garden route to Port Elizabeth, Durban, and  Mozambique. Your choice is abundant and fruitful in all directions.

Holidays Via Cape Town

Many tour groups start or end their trips in Cape Town. The reason for this is Cape Town is Spectacular! It has so many destinations to see, that nobody wants to miss it. As I mentioned earlier, it has many International travel options via flying making it easy to travel home after. 

Cape Town is known as the Gateway to Africa for good reasons. It offers flexibility and simplicity when travelling. Don’t miss out on Cape Town as it is your gateway after all. If you need to hire a specific vehicle during your trip to Cape Town, have a look at Drive South Africa options.