Zest Scooters Review

Zest Scooters opened its doors in 2005 as a specialist Cape Town scooter sales outlet. Their competitive edge is endeavouring to offer the best prices for scooters in Cape Town, simple and effective.

Zest Cape Town scooter outlet may not be located in the city centre, their retail outlet and workshop are situated at 190 Voortrekker Road, Maitland, but by saving on overheads, Zest Scooters is able to offer discounted prices on their scooters. At last check, they were still the cheapest retailers of 125cc scooters, 150cc scooters and 300cc scooters in Cape Town.

Their scooters all come with a 2 year (40,000km) warranty – it’s infinitely more likely that you’ll hit 2 years before you clock up 40,000kms, but some folk like a challenge. There is also an option of an extended warranty.

Longer service intervals proposed by Zest means your bike is not serviced for the sake of it, but rather because, in their experience, this is the most appropriate time for a scooter to be serviced.

Zest Scooters stock a range of spare parts including brands outside the Zest umbrella; the flagship on Voortrekker Road also stocks a range of accessories from top boxes to gloves and motorcycle helmets.

Services and repairs are done on Zest’s premises and they promise customer satisfaction and seem to achieve this if the Zest Scooter reviews are anything to go by. The company is proactive in dealing with mishaps or complaints, seeking to address and rectify any situation that delivers a less than favourable review on Zest Scooters.

Most travellers opt for car hire to accommodate their travel plans in Cape Town.

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