Drive Safely in South Africa

Driving Safety in South Africa

Drive South Africa has put together a collection of articles published by South Africa’s Arrive Alive campaign in order to properly prepare you in the event of an accident or emergency:

  • Car Rental and Road Safety
  • How To Handle An Emergency
  • Be Prepared for an Accident
  • Accident Scene Safety
  • Stopping at the Scene
  • Summoning Assistance
  • Clearing the Road
  • Insurance
  • Collecting and Recording Evidence
  • Post-accident Medical claims and the Road Accident Fund
  • Avoiding Pedestrians

Hijacking is prevalent in certain parts of South Africa, in particular, Gauteng, and while it should not deter you from visiting or driving in the Gauteng Province, one should be aware of the issue.

Click here for full details on hijacking and hijack prevention details supplied by Arrive Alive