We believe in the power of collaboration and the power of long-term relationships to create memorable experiences for our partners and clients. Our goal is to connect with talented individuals who can help us in highlighting the incredible beauty of Southern Africa and the incredible adventures it has to offer.

Who Do We Like to Work With?

We enjoy working with skilled travel bloggers, journalists, and influencers who have a genuine desire to travel the world, with a particular focus on Southern Africa. We’re excited to connect with you if you have an engaged following, a talent for storytelling, and the ability to capture breathtaking visuals that inspire others to embark on their own journeys!

What Can We Offer?

Our collaboration program offers our partners a variety of exciting opportunities. We offer the following in exchange for your deliverables:

We are delighted to offer either a 5-day car hire or a 14-day 4×4 hire to help you explore the wonders of South Africa, depending on your chosen package.

We offer well-maintained vehicles, friendly customer service, and expert travel advice to ensure you have an unforgettable experience while exploring South Africa’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage.(Please note that flights are not included in our offerings.)

What Do We Expect in Return?

In exchange for the car hire or 4×4 hire options provided, we expect our partners to produce high-quality content that promotes Drive South Africa and the experiences we facilitate. The deliverables should accurately reflect the beauty and excitement of traveling through South Africa with our vehicles. The table below outlines the deliverables we expect from our partners:

Deliverables Guideline

Low-value rental
R5,000 / USD300

Car for 5 days

High-value rental
R30,000 / USD1,500

4×4 for 14 days

High-resolution Images of your entire trip



Video content about the car hire 



Road trip story documenting the trip


Social posts about the trip with a tag or mention



Link to DSA from content creators’ site (or other platforms where they publish)



Additional coverage from other publications



All media has rights for us to use on our site & deliverables can be amended by your expertise

If you believe you have what it takes to be a part of our content collaboration programme, we’d love to hear from you. Together, let’s inspire the world to discover the wonders of Southern Africa.

What’s Next? 

– Complete the form below 
– Someone will contact you 
– A detailed contract will be drawn up
– A mutually beneficial agreement will be made

FAQ Section

Who do we like to work with?

We love collaborating with 4×4 junkies, outdoor enthusiasts, and people who thrive on adventure. 

If you have a passion for exploring the great outdoors, discovering hidden gems, and embracing the thrill of off-road exploration, then you’re the perfect fit for working with Drive South Africa.

What type of content do we look for?

We’re looking for authentic, one-of-a-kind, and high-quality content that captures the excitement and wonder of exploring Southern Africa’s diverse landscapes. 

The content should convey the beauty of the surroundings while also capturing the essence of the adventure and inspiring others to embark on their own unforgettable journeys.

What content do we love?

We love fun, adventurous, and wild experiences that push the boundaries of traditional travel. Our passion lies in camping, off-road exploration, and delving into the untamed side of life. 

We’re all about helping people connect with nature and create lasting memories as they traverse the stunning terrain of Southern Africa.

What content don’t we love?

We strongly disapprove of drinking and driving, risky driving, and reckless driving. Our priority is to ensure the safety of our partners and clients while promoting responsible and sustainable travel practices. 

We encourage everyone to respect the environment, the local communities, and the roads they travel on, creating memorable experiences without compromising safety.

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