South Luangwa Plains with Zebra & Eland

10 Experiences You Have to Try in Zambia

Zambia is possibly Africa’s best-kept secret, a country of spectacular natural beauty and cultural richness. Birthplace of the walking safari, home to the mighty Victoria Falls and teeming with wildlife, this wild country has something for everyone without the crowds.

There are diverse landscapes and national parks to explore and an assortment of activities to suit every taste. Here’s our list of 10 experiences you have to Here’s you’re visiting Zambia.

1. Walk among the Wildlife South Luangwa

While today, walking safaris are available across most of Zambia, it was here in South Luangwa National Park where the idea of exploring the bush on foot first took root back in the 1950s.

Baby elephant in South Luangwa

Baby elephant in South Luangwa

Walking safaris are thrilling and one of the most authentic ways to explore Zambia’s wild side. Zambian guides are some of Zambia’s best guides on the African continent and will happily share their bush knowledge with you.

From shorter walks to multi-day treks between camps, Zambia offers a walking safari for all fitness levels.

2. See Africa’s Second Largest Migration of WildebeesAfrica’swa Plain

With its vast golden plains, Liuwa Plain National Park (Zambia’s least-explored national park) plays Africa’s host to the second-largest wildebeest migration on the continent. From November to July each year, the ungulates gather in the south, offering fantastic opportunities to view them in their thousands.

Wildebeest running across the plains at Liuwa Plains National Park, Zambia

Wildebeest running across the plains at Liuwa Plains National Park, Zambia.

King Lewanika Lodge is an excellent choice if you want front-row seats for all the migration action.

3. Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride over Kafue National Park

Although not widely available in Zambia, taking a trip to the skies above Kafue National Park is one experience you’ll never forget. Head to the Busanga Plains, where Shumba Camp offers its guests a bird’s eye view of the picturesque plains.

Gliding along in silence, you’ll get to spot zebras, puku, red lechwe, wouldest, and even a lion making its way through the wilderness.

While in the area, you shouldn’t miss out on wildlife-rich day and night drives to maximize your safari experience. For self-drivers, 4x4s are a must in Kafue National Park, and you can rent a 4×4 in Lusaka, the nearby capital city of Zambia.

4. Safari in the Wilds of Luambe National Park

Luambe National Park is an awe-inspiring destination that offers travelers an escape from Zambia’s raw and untamed bush magic.

This remote region has only two small bush camps, offering the ultimate in exclusivity and a welcome lack of crowds. Your wilderness experience here will include spotting snorting pods of hippos, big cats, and African wild dogs, to name just a few.

Luambe bush camps offer both walking safaris and game drives.

5. Fly over Victoria Falls in a Microlight

A microlight flight above the iconic Victoria Falls offers possibly the most exciting vantage point at this renowned destination. You’ll be exposed to the elements as you soar through the mists of the mighty Falls and get a bird’s eye view of the rushing Zambezi River below you, a truly unforgettable experience

Zambian side of Victoria Falls

The Zambian side of Victoria Falls

Other thrilling activities at the Falls include seasonal whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, and swimming in Devil’s Pool, a naturally occurring infinity pool right on the edge of the Falls. If you are on a self-drive trip in and around Victoria Falls, you can get a car or 4×4 rental in Livingstone.

6. Spend a Night Under the Stars in South Luangwa

Spending a night under the starry African sky on the sandy bed of the Luwi River in South Luangwa is an experience unlike any other. Fall asleep deep in the heart of the wilderness with nothing but a mosquito net between you and the bush and the sound of your crackling campfire.

Sunset on Luangwa River

Sunset on Luangwa River

After a hearty breakfast in the morning, set out with your guide on an immersive walking safari, tracking wildlife and learning about the wilds surrounding you.

7. Go Tiger Fishing in the Lower Zambezi

Widely recognized as Africa’s most fearsome fighting fish, winning a fight with a tiger fish is on the bucket list of anglers worldwide. An ideal destination for this activity is the Zambezi River in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park.

Catch-and-release fishing is best in the hotter months of August to November. Even without the fishing, cruising this area by boat offers fantastic elephant and crocodile sightings.

8. Spend Some Time on a Private Island in the Zambezi River

Nothing can compete with the exclusivity of staying on a private island in the wilds of Zambia. Sindabezi Island is the ideal destination, situated right in the middle of the sparkling Zambezi River and close to Livingstone.

Aerial view of Islands of the Zambezi

Aerial view of the Islands of the Zambezi

The cottages at Sindabezi Island Lodge have spectacular views of the river, and the discrete butlers will cater to your every need. Book well in advance to avoid disappointment – this spot is rather sought after, and it’s easy to understand why once you’ve been there.

9. Take a Dip in the Mwyou’ve Falls in North Luangwa

With its glorious lack of roads and spectacular landscapes, North Luangwa is ideal for walking safaris, but be sure to set aside some time for a detour to the gorgeous Mwaleshi Falls.

After a morning dip in the refreshing waters, enjoy a lunch in paradise on the river banks – it’s highly likely you’ll see some wildlife, the lush green, thriving flora.

10. Take a Boat Down the Luangwa River

If you’re looking for a change from the dry season, head for South Luangwa National Park between January and March. The landscape is a carpet of emerald green, and although it might be slightly more difficult to spot game in the lush surroundings, you’ll still see plenty of puku and impala traversing the plains.

This is also the best time of year to explore the more remote corners of the park by boat, as the Luangwa River flows freely.

These 10 experiences in Zambia promise not just a journey through its landscapes but also a deeper connection with the earth. Zambia really does have something for everyone.

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