Road trip in South Africa

There’s nothing quite like packing your bags and hitting the road for a few days. A road trip provides the perfect getaway for anyone who doesn’t have the time (or the budget) for a week on an exotic island. It’s also pretty versatile – you choose the direction, the destination and your companion (or whether you want one or not).

Of course, when you head out on the road you’ve got to be sure to make the most of it.

Take the scenic route

Don’t hurry to your destination, no matter how excited you are to get there. There are so many extraordinary scenic routes to follow in South Africa and you should take advantage of them. There’s no point in going on a road trip if you’re not going to take the time to enjoy the drive. Open the windows and let the fresh air in as you enjoy the view from the open road, however, remember not to go too far off the beaten path and if you do rather hire a 4×4 than trek into the bush with your Picanto.

Create a playlist

Music is essential to any road trip. Of course, it can’t just be any music, it has to be world class road trip music. And don’t even think about playing album after album or one artist at a time. You’ve got to mix it up. Spend some time going through your music and put in the effort to create the perfect road trip playlist. There’s nothing quite like singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody as you cruise over a mountain pass.

Stop along the way

Don’t be the driver that won’t stop the car unless it’s for an emergency. You’ll find the most spectacular hidden treasures while you’re exploring the open road. You don’t want to miss discovering something truly unique because you’re worried about arriving on time or getting to your destination as soon as humanly possible. Take some time to explore, you won’t regret it.

Be prepared for disaster

You already know to fill up on petrol and have your oil and water checked, but there are other safety measures you should put in place. Keep a 5-litre bottle of water in your boot in case of a breakdown. It may seem silly or unnecessary, but imagine breaking down on a deserted road on the hottest day of the year. You should also get the numbers of towing services for wherever you’re going. And, of course, bring your spare tyre along.

Getting behind the wheel and heading out on a road trip can be a truly wonderful experience and you should try to make the most of it. As a side note, if you need it, you can also calculate your toll fees along the way at

If you would like to have the freedom to explore the area you are visiting independently, you might want to look into car hire South Africa for the perfect set of wheels.